Wedman tabbed as new vice mayor after Lynn resigns

Wedman tabbed as new vice mayor after Lynn resigns

After being elected April 2, long-time Jenks resident Kaye Lynn resigned from her position as vice mayor Monday at the Jenks city council meeting.

Lynn, who has lived in Jenks since 1974, nominated Dr. Josh Wedman as her replacement after she stepped down from the vice mayor position. Wedman was unanimously voted in as Jenks’ newest vice mayor.

Lynn will remain on the city council and fulfill her term. She said she decided to run for vice mayor and city council because of her experience and knowledge of Jenks.

“I wanted to bring a multigenerational perspective to the council because the council was so young,” Lynn said. “I stepped back because we needed somebody with more experience. Dr. Wedman provided more of the leadership skills, which is what was needed more than the multigenerational skills.”

Kaye Lynn looks on as fellow city council members unanimously vote Dr. Josh Wedman to be Jenks vice mayor. Photo / Hayden Tucker

Wedman has been involved in the Jenks city council for seven years and has served as the Jenks mayor from 2017 through May of this year.

“After the vice mayor announced her resignation, I informed the council, mayor and city manager that I was prepared to step up and help,” Wedman said. “The residential boom in Jenks has been happening since I have been on the council. I think we are going to see a big growth in the commercial area here in the next couple of years.”

Wedman will take over vice mayor responsibilities immediately. He and his family have lived in Jenks since 2004 and have a chiropractic practice in Jenks city limits.

Kyle Salomon

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