Ready to stay

Ready to stay

I’d like to stay here a little while, if that’s OK.

For the past nine years, it seems like I haven’t hung around anywhere for very long.

I grew up in McAlester and nine years ago this summer my mom decided to move my brother and I to Oklahoma City. I had my reservations, at 12 years old I wasn’t ready to leave the only place I knew along with my family and friends.

I specifically recall pointing to the trees and rolling hills of southeastern Oklahoma and saying, ‘you don’t have that in Oklahoma City.’

But we moved. And it turned out to be the best thing for me.

From there I switched high schools, from Mustang to Yukon.

Since moving to OKC in 2010, I’ve moved seven times, five in the past three years.

I’ve jumped around from job to job in the newspaper business. My byline has been printed in five papers since the summer of 2016.

Stability hasn’t been my forte as of recently, but I’d like that to change.

I moved to Jenks a month ago and I already feel like this is a place I won’t mind staying for more than a few months.

The trees and rolling hills are back in my daily commute. It feels like home.

I’ve already seen the unique restaurants and shops this town has to offer. The community is tight knit and alive.

Jenks Public Schools have a rich history of academic and athletic success, something I can’t wait to highlight.

I came to Jenks to cover the sports programs but being a new newspaper, I’ll have to branch out and handle multiple beats at one time, however, I don’t mind. I look forward to getting to know the people and I hope I can become one of your own.

I haven’t been in one place for very long, but I think Jenks can change that. Jenks is a place I’d like to stick around for a little while.

Hayden Tucker

Hayden Tucker is the Sports Editor and Director of Media for the Jenks Tribune. He has three years of experience in newspaper journalism before joining the Tribune. Tucker was born in McAlester, then moved to the Oklahoma City area in 2010 where he lived for nine years prior to moving to Jenks.

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