Randolph vying for Jenks at-large city council seat

Randolph vying for Jenks at-large city council seat

Jenks resident David Randolph has put his name in the hat for the At-Large seat on Jenks City Council.

Randolph and his family have lived in Jenks since 2009 and he has served on the Jenks Planning Commission for the past several years.

The Jenks citizen is running for the council seat, which will be vacated by current mayor Robert Lee following Lee’s current term. If Randolph wins the seat on April 6, he will not automatically become the next mayor of Jenks. Once the new council becomes official, a new mayor will be appointed from the six members.

On top of being a part of the planning commission, Randolph has been involved in city business heavily since 2017. He formulated the “Keep Jenks Safe” petition, in an effort to fight off the butane expansion the former city council was looking at several years ago.


“In my mind, Jenks is for families, businesses and parks. Not something that is potentially explosive and where nothing else can go near it. I wanted to communicate that to the city council then and they weren’t listening. That’s part of my platform, I want citizen input. I have worked on others’ campaigns and I have gotten to know the entire current city council through that process. I want to be a part of the process myself and I have very specific ideas on how to do that.”

Randolph said being on the planning commission has taught him a lot. He also said his job as a transactional attorney has helped prepare him for a seat on the city council.  

As a planning commissioner, Randolph said he was instrumental in getting the new comprehensive plan approved, which took place last fall. He said the new comprehensive plan is a direct reflection of what his vision for the future of Jenks is and this new comprehensive plan is an upgrade from the previous plan.


Randolph said he is running for city council because he wants to see his vision realized.

“I have seen some great city councilors and have seen some not so great. That is the motivating factor in wanting to be on city council. I would like to professionalize the city and move away from the ‘good old boy’ system. Jenks has grown a lot and it needs a more high-quality caliber city to go with it. This back scratching, good old boy approach is not what families here want with this modern economy we are trying to attract to Jenks. I am not afraid to take a stand on things I do believe in, even things that are a little touchy. One of those is the mask ordinance. Yeah, it’s hard, but it’s the right thing to do right now.”

Randolph said his vision for the future of Jenks starts with infrastructure improvements.

“We have done some, but we need more. We just need better roads and drainage is still a big problem. We are sort of doing this patchwork job, but I want a top to bottom comprehensive review. Jenks is growing and we need to plan for the next five or 10 years. I want to be an advocate for families. That relationship has been strained sometimes. I feel like it could be a lot better. I think there is more we could do for business. I think we have a great chamber of commerce, but one thing we haven’t done is reach out and target specific industries. For example, we need more of an entertainment district. I would love to have an indoor waterpark somewhere instead of the outlet mall because that is going nowhere. I think we need more parks because people love parks. I think we could be the No. 1 city people want to come to in Oklahoma. We have a good reputation already, but I think we can go from good to great.”

Kyle Salomon

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