Never give up on your dream

Never give up on your dream

By Sarah Clavin, Miller Swim School

To the movers and shakers, to the world changers; this one is for you. Have you got a dream in your heart? A song in your soul? A vision in mind? Chase it. Run after it and don’t look back. Keep your vision 20/20 ahead less you get distracted by the haters and naysayers. 

That dream was meant for you, planted in your heart by the creator of this universe. Just. For. You. You are fully equipped with all the necessary skills and resources to move it towards fruition, to make it a reality and to thrive in it. 

“The world belongs to those who chase their dreams”. 

Eleanor Roosevelt 

You can expect both support and setbacks along the way. Followers will come and go, and when the limelight fades, that’s when the real work begins. Stay up late, get your hands dirty, rise and grind kind of work. 


The progress may plateau, but don’t give up. Just when you think you can’t take it anymore, when the work isn’t worth the reward, and time spent is in vain, things will turn a corner. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel, just enough to spark a new flame to fuel you toward the end. 

The world needs you. They need to see you, celebrate you, and push you. The world needs creative thinkers, problem solvers, and entrepreneurs. So, don’t be timid, don’t be afraid to step out and say, ‘I have a dream, an idea, something to offer.’ 

You bring life to the mundane, you create solutions where none could be found, you are proof that there is not always one right way. 

So, keep swimming upstream, fighting the good fight, forging your own path. And when your dream becomes a reality, when your vision becomes concrete, we will be there to celebrate for you and alongside you and to cheer you on into your next venture. Let your passion lead the way. 


When someone tells you it can’t be done, remember they speak from their own limiting beliefs. So, surround yourself with the believers, with the dreamers, the rule breakers and those who want to sail the blue oceans. 

“When you know your purpose, opposition is simply a hurdle on the way to your destiny” 

                                                                                                                 Neil Kennedy

Maybe you can’t go back and rewrite the first chapter, but your story is not over. The most exciting chapters are yet to be written. And what an adventure the story will be. The challenge of constant change, the roller coaster of emotions, the wins, the losses and the championships.  

The real competition is not the man standing next to you. The real competition is the man you were yesterday. Go out and be better than him. Hone your craft, sharpen your skills, create answers to questions that haven’t been asked yet. The goal is to die with memories, not dreams. 

So, remember, it only takes one person to change the world, and you know what, I bet it’s you.


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