Murray announces re-election bid for Jenks City Council Ward 3

Murray announces re-election bid for Jenks City Council Ward 3

Ward 3 City Council Member, Craig Murray, has announced his bid for re-election.

Murray will seek his second term when voters hit the polls April 6 to vote for four Jenks city council seats.

The Jenks resident is a retired Tulsa Police Officer. He has more than 38 combined years of experience as a police officer for the Mounds Police Department and the Tulsa Police Department.

Murray spent 15 months of his career in uniform with Mounds before spending the remaining years with the TPD.

The retired officer now helps with community service at his church, First Baptist Church in Jenks, community service with Safe Kids and security for events at the BOK Center in Tulsa.

Murray said his experience as a police officer makes him a better city council member.

“From my years of experience in law enforcement, I felt like I was doing a community service. I really enjoy giving back to the community. I live here and I want the city to prosper and grow just like everyone else and I feel like being on city council gives me an opportunity to help that process. As a police officer, I dealt with the public, I was the spokesperson for the Tulsa Police Department. I think my experience as a public servant, whether I am in uniform as a policeman, or whether I am sitting in a city council seat, I am still serving the public. I really like the idea of continuing it. Having that experience in law enforcement has helped me in dealing with people.”

Murray said he has learned a lot in his first four years on the Jenks city council, but there is one area in particular he is happy with what he was able to accomplish.

“I am very proud of myself and Vice Mayor (Donna) Ogez that we supported and pushed for the widening of Elm Street to run all the way to 131st. That stretch effects a lot of people. Yes, it costs more, but in the long run, having that done, will help this city so much.”

Even though he and Ogez were able to get that Elm Street extension done, Murray said there is still plenty of work left to accomplish.

“Going forward, we have to see what we can get done on this mall. Let’s get back with Simon (Premium Outlets) and partner up again and tell them, we have been through a year of this, we would really like you guys to get busy. If there is anything we can do, let’s do it. If we are able to get the mall completed, getting that back entrance on 106th off of Elm is huge. If we don’t have a secondary entrance and exit, traffic will cramp up and people won’t go back.”

Murray added he also wants to see more businesses coming to Jenks.

“There is so much potential here and we need more businesses. We have really got to be able to do something with that potential. We have some great developers here already doing stuff. We need to continue that and continue to support them. We need to keep this community thriving.”

Murray can be reached at 918-528-6162 or at

Kyle Salomon

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