Community members show support for city council member Box

Community members show support for city council member Box

Jenks City Council Member Cory Box announced last week he is running for re-election this April.

Box hosted a small gathering last Thursday at his house to allow several members of the Jenks community to show their support for his re-election campaign.

Despite pandemic concerns, elected officials, business owners and community leaders came to show their support for the Jenks City Council member.

“Cory has been such a devoted city council member for the city of Jenks,” State House District 69 Representative Sheila Dills said. “He is focused on promoting economic development, good schools and common sense with the highest degree of integrity. He will be a tremendous asset for the community as we move forward.”


Oklahoma District 37 State Senator Cody Rogers gave his support for Box.

“We need good, strong conservative Christians on the city council in Jenks. Cory is a great man, a good strong Christian with good conservative values. City council races are very important to our communities. We need good, strong conservatives in these races to help progress our state forward and that is why I am supporting Cory Box.”

Jenks citizen Jim Chin showed his support for Box’s re-election bid.

“I think Cory is a very good city council member. I like his views. He has really good experience and he came close to being our mayor last election. I think he is a solid guy and I support him.”

Jenks business owner Heather Turner said she believes in what Box stands for as a person and city council member.

“I am supporting Cory Box because I want to support the city council members who support progressive education and economic development opportunities that will give Jenks a better future.”

The Jenks voters will hit the polls April 6 to vote on the next city council elections for the city of Jenks.


Kyle Salomon

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