Netflix is where it’s at … literally

Netflix is where it’s at … literally

By Sarah Clavin, Miller Swim School

Driving down the street while traveling during the holidays my eyes caught glimpse of a store, I thought I would never see again. A store that rents videos. Remember Blockbuster? Remember calling the store to see if the latest release was in stock? And oh, do we remember the late fees. Being able to rent the latest movie with the click of a button has revolutionized the movie industry and gave a whole new meaning to the word “Binge”. 

According to a recent poll, 55.1% of Americans have cut cable TV in the past three years. Seeking alternative forms of entertainment (more cost effective perhaps), many Americans, 61 million to be exact, have signed up for the “cable of the millennial,” Netflix. During 2020, that number jumped to 79 million, thanks to the pandemic. 

Founded in 1997, Netflix was hanging by a thread until about 2018 when it was nominated for 112 Emmys, ending HBO’s 17 year run. At the 2020 Oscars, Netflix earned more nominations than any other film studio. 59% of its viewers are under 35 years of age and average two hours watched per day. 


Netflix not only boasts popular TV shows and films for all ages and genres, but has expanded to Netflix Originals as well. Thank you 2020 for giving a boost to launching “Netflix only” entertainment options.  Bird Box and Stranger Things are examples of some of the most viewed original series and films. Did you know the Netflix algorithm is set to find you something to watch within just 90 seconds? 

Netflix has even created its own word; in 2015 “binge-watch” was the Collins English Dictionary word of the year. Data shows us that in 2020, Forbes reported that the average time it takes to binge a series on Netflix is five days; though there are 8.4 million Netflix users out there who attempt to binge series in a mere 24 hours. If you ever find yourself in the market with a free 25 hours, here are a few binge-worthy key players:

1.     Orange is the New Black

2.     Stranger Things

3.     The Queen’s Gambit

4.     Bridgerton

5.     Virgin River

6.     You

7.     The Punisher

8.     Schitts Creek 

9.     The Witcher

10. Master of None


Moral of the story, with over 13,941 titles in its library, Netflix has something for each one of us. So, while I don’t find myself with enough time to “binge-watch” a new series, I might grab my iPad (of course they have an app!), hop on the treadmill and turn on another episode of Schitt’s Creek. According to Alexis Rose, “I don’t want to brag, but Us Weekly once described me as ‘up for anything.’”

I hope you are too, friend! If you’re not currently one of the 79 million Netflix viewers, might consider cutting the cord and jumping on board. And if you find Netflix isn’t for you, not to fear, Hulu, Disney +, and Amazon Prime Video are all top contenders for best providers in 2021. 

Now that the election is over, let’s all take a break from the news. Turn on a comedy like Schitt’s Creek, a period drama like Bridgeton, or a suspenseful thriller like You, and get lost in the show like we did at the theaters in the good ole days. You never know, a little love and laughter might do us all some good. 



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