A Christmas poem

A Christmas poem

By Sarah Clavin, Miller Swim School

The candy cane symbolizes the birth and the death, T’was the night before Christmas…you know the rest.

In a manger, a stable, maybe a cave. A baby was born on the first Christmas day.

With his coming, the shepherds and angels alike. Opened their hearts and they praised the first light.

The magi came from the west, they came from afar. They traveled to reach the bright light, the bright star.

Little did they know the light was a babe. A baby, a boy that would inspire the age.

Their eyes would be opened, and their hearts all the same. For a messiah, a savior, the prince of peace; came.

A simple word was spoken, and God became flesh. He came down from Heaven and lived among us.

Teaching and healing he became the light. That dispelled the darkness, it drove out the night.

He taught about faith, hope, joy, and love. He was both God and man, from Earth and above. \

He was taken and killed, and the darkness engulfed the night. The dark claimed it had won; it had put out the light.

But the hope that we have as the story wasn’t quite done. For the man, he was God, the light rose; it had overcome.

3,000 years later, as Christmas draws near. We shop and we wrap, and we bake full of cheer.

From party to party we travel, eat and drink. We are so busy we hardly have time to stop and think.

To reflect on the candy cane, poinsettia, and evergreen trees. That all point us back to the babe, they’re all symbols, you see.

The life and the blood shed He for you and for me. These are the reasons we place gifts under the tree. \

The nativity sets the stage with the shepherds and wise men. They brought gifts for a King, they kneeled before him.

So, let us bring our hearts along with our gifts this year. Let us spread life and light, joy, and cheer.

T’was the night before Christmas, and the Heavens were preparing. God the Son would come down on that first Christmas morning.


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