Five ways to give a gift: Part 2

Five ways to give a gift: Part 2

By Sarah Clavin, Miller Swim School

We are officially in the second week of December. I can hardly remember January, how about you? 

This week we move into the second part of our 3 part series, 5 Ways to Give a Gift. If you missed it last week, we talked about the different ways we as individuals give and receive love; words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, gifts, and physical touch. 

Remember, if you didn’t take the assessment last week, this is a great time to pause and hop online, it only takes a few minutes. You can find it here: 

Last week we covered Words of Affirmation, which means today we get to dive into Quality Time and Physical Touch. 

Those individuals whose primary love language is Quality Time thrive on undivided, one-on-one attention. They are all about intentional togetherness, void of distractions like cell phones and the TV. They feel love when someone is genuinely interested in what they are saying and hate it when people cancel plans. 

This one should probably be renamed, Quality Attention, but that’s not quite as catchy.  It is really important to these individuals that you are fully focused on them. They also like affection -Be playful. Tell them how much you care about them. Show them through your undivided attention that they are the most important thing to you at this very moment. That attention will go a long way in helping to affirm your love. 

Similarly, Physical Touch refers to expressing and receiving affection through touch, physical closeness, and other forms of physical connection. There is actually a physiological reason physical touch is so enjoyable: That skin-to-skin contact triggers the release of certain hormones associated with pleasure and bonding. 

This one appears more obvious for many couples especially males, but it’s not all about that loving touching feeling. If you find a hug, hand on the shoulder, or physical closeness of your loved ones calm and soothe you, this might just be your love language! 

Here is your Gift Guide for the Quality Time Person in your life:

-Watch a Christmas Parade together 

-Grab a hot chocolate and drive around town looking at Christmas lights

-Bake Holiday treats together

-Have a game night

-Purchase tickets to the Nutcracker and make an evening of it

-Book a weekend getaway with your spouse or girlfriends 

-Planning (and executing) a Christmas movie marathon

-Surprising them with dinner and hanging around to eat it with them

-Gift Certificate to a cooking class that you both go to

The most important thing for the QT people is the recognition that you WANT to spend the time with them and that you made time to do so! 

And here is your Gift Guide for the Physical Touch Person in your life:

-Gift certificate for a massage (if it’s your spouse, DIY!) 

-Movie night 

-Book a dance class for you to take together

-Offer to do their hair or make up for an event or Holiday party

-Gift Certificate for a manicure/pedicure

-Weighted Blanket

-A pet that they can snuggle and love on

-Go ice skating together 

-Lotion or oils in their favorite scent

-Luxury Monogrammed Robe

Remember, the PT people are easy peasy! A hug, kiss, or even a high five speaks volumes to them about how much you care. 

For both of these people the presentation or delivery of the gift is just as important (if not more) than the actual gift itself. So, make sure you carve out a little extra time and give a great big squeeze when you give your gift this Christmas season. 


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