Reid Sotkin recognized at December board meeting … 2021 bond items approved

Reid Sotkin recognized at December board meeting … 2021 bond items approved

Jenks High School junior, Reid Sotkin, was honored Monday by the Jenks Public Schools Board of Education at the December School Board Meeting.

Sotkin recently won the 2020 Congressional App Challenge for his app called, “Calculating the Future”. He had this to say Monday to the board.

“I want to thank the Jenks School Board for this recognition, I really appreciate it. This contest has motivated me to work on future apps and I plan to use my learned skills to pursue a degree and career in computer science. My app is designed to teach young teens about investing. Most people don’t know, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, but $100 per month can be more than $100,000 by the time you retire. $500 per month can be worth millions of dollars. I wanted to show teens how this is possible and that is through the power of compound interest. On the app, there is a compound interest calculator, so they can see how it works and play with it and experiment, so they can understand it. There is also a retirement calculator, so you can enter your salary and all your bills, and it will tell you the different reliable stocks to invest in and what your expected return is by the time you retire. These stocks are from the S&P 500 and the total market index, the bond index, and the real estate index, so they are reliable, safe stocks that have been consistent for the past 50 or 60 years. It just educates anyone who needs to know about that in a simple manner, so they can understand it.”

Sotkin has attended Jenks Public Schools since he was in the fifth grade. He is unsure where he would like to attend college.

Board approves potential bond-issue items

Also discussed Monday at the meeting was the potential bond-issue items for the Jenks Public Schools’ 2021 bond issue.

The Jenks School Board approved the following items for the 2021 bond issue:

-District-wide equipment

-Facilities management equipment and repairs

-Printing improvements

-Safety improvements

-Technology improvements

-Textbooks and media equipment

-Transportation improvements

-Phase 2 of Freshman Academy classroom renovation and upgrades

-JHS Performing Arts Center rigging project

-East Elementary parking lot entrance improvements

-Baseball and softball complex improvements (part one of two-part process)

Kyle Salomon

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