JENKS TRIBUNE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP PREVIEW: Jenks defense faces difficult task in stopping Santa Fe firepower

JENKS TRIBUNE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP PREVIEW: Jenks defense faces difficult task in stopping Santa Fe firepower

When you mention Edmond Santa Fe on offense, it is hard not to mention the name Talyn Shettron.

Shettron is considered the top junior receiver in the nation and is the prized receiver recruit for the University of Oklahoma’s class of 2022.

However, Jenks defensive coordinator Adam Gaylor said the Wolves are much more than just a star receiver.

“You still have to stop the run. They are really good up front,” Gaylor said. “They have a couple of outstanding backs they like to use. They get into formations that create one-on-one matchups on the outside. They want to run the ball. They are a run team. They will take their shots down field with the talent they have, but to me, it is still, how do you stop the run and help yourself out with their receivers.”

Gaylor said trying to defend a superstar like Shettron and a good run game will make things tough for the Trojan defense.

“You can’t double on the outside because then you are one gap short in the run game,” Gaylor said. “You have to find that fine line. For us, we are always going to say we are doing everything we can to stop the run and mix in some things to help you out where you are not leaving your corners on an island. You have to be smart. You have to pick and choose when to do what. They create a really stressful situation with him in there.”

Gaylor said Santa Fe has shown the ability to play power football with the big boys.

“They are big up front and have really good offensive linemen,” Gaylor said. “They have blocked the heck out of everybody they have played this year. We have to win early downs and stop the run. That is their mentality. They get into some heavy sets and have the personnel to be really good to at it. Our staff did a good job this weekend of developing a plan for the issues their talent on the outside will create.”

Gaylor said the Owasso game was the best his defense has played all year.

“The performance against Owasso was our best game this season against an unbelievable offensive mind in Coach (Bill) Blankenship with tremendous players,” Gaylor said. “That was our most complete effort from start to finish. We had a couple of plays we weren’t as urgent and let our guard down and against a great team, you can’t do that. If we do that Saturday, we are going to pay for it. It was fun to watch. It was physical. To give up less than 100 yards rushing to a team like that is tough to beat. We were able to create four takeaways and a safety.”

Gaylor said his unit is full of good players, but there no guys in it for themselves.

“We don’t have any “I” guys. They are fun to coach,” Gaylor said. “You get after them a little bit and they respond to it. There are no egos. They will do whatever we ask them to do. We need to keep practicing well. Our practices have been really good the past few weeks and we are going to need another really good week of practice to be able to compete against these guys Saturday.”

Kyle Salomon

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