Jenks-area business, The Wooden Toolbox, highlighted by Oprah magazine

Jenks-area business, The Wooden Toolbox, highlighted by Oprah magazine

The Wooden Toolbox had been growing and expanding for the past decade, but earlier this fall, Justin Wenzel and his fiancé Bailey Williams got a call that would change their lives.

Wenzel said he decided to design and install a reading nook in the couple’s home in an area in the house he felt needed to be improved.

“It was a wasted space with three small windows that were so high, you had to stand on your tip toes to see into the backyard,” he said. “I cut the entire wall out and put a huge (8×5) picture window in it, trimmed it and built and installed a loft bed with storage underneath. We had a lull in between completing projects and we wanted to get a post on the company’s social media accounts.”

Williams said she dolled up the nook in fall décor and posted a photo on the Wooden Toolbox’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

After the Instagram post was shared and circulated by several social media influencers, Williams received a call from Brigitt Earley of “O, The Oprah Magazine”. Earley said she would like to feature the nook in her new article called, “25 Best Reading Nook Ideas for Lit-Loving Kids and Adults”.

The nook, created by Justin Wenzel of The Wooden Toolbox, which was highlighted in “O, The Oprah Magazine”, this fall. Photo/Courtesy

You can see the article right here:

After talking with her fiancé about it and making sure “The Wooden Toolbox” would be credited in the story, the couple decided to allow the nook to be featured.

“That was a pretty big leap for us,” Wenzel said. “It took me a second to realize it was actually the Oprah magazine, but that was pretty huge for us. We had been expanding pretty rapidly before that, so we definitely wanted to utilize that opportunity.”

The Wooden Toolbox was created 11 years ago by Wenzel out of a “developed passion”. After graduating high school, he joined the Marine Corps for four years and then earned two bachelor’s degrees in marketing and management, which are the two degrees Williams has as well.

Wenzel then took a job at the corporate office for the Quik Trip Corporation. He had started The Wooden Toolbox but would spend time on his passion after his job with Quik Trip.

Between his two gigs, Wenzel said he would work more than 100 hours a week. He started The Wooden Toolbox in his garage, then moved his shop into his backyard before opening his shop in the Jenks-area.

The Wooden Toolbox is located at 1999 N. Birch St. near Richard L. Jones Riverside Airport.

“I did not expect it to grow as rapidly as it has,” Wenzel said. “I am still looking to expand. I have always loved working with people. I never thought renovating houses and building stuff for people would be my calling, but I just love putting smiles on people’s faces. When we finish the job, we do a one-week follow up to make sure everything is perfect. We haven’t gotten to where we are now by trying to get rich on one job. We have always believed in taking care of people. A big part of this is listening and understanding what people want.”

The Wooden Toolbox specializes in remodels, hand-crafted furniture and home renovations.

Wenzel has a 12-person crew working for him on his projects. The work is handmade or handcrafted with 100% hardwood.

“We don’t skimp on product,” Wenzel said. “We are looking for longevity. Word of mouth has been great for us. That is how we run our business and it has worked well. Furniture has always been my passion. The cool thing about The Wooden Toolbox is the design implementation to the house is all done under the same umbrella. It is all done in house. We utilize the space given and construct everything from there.”

The Wooden Toolbox does multiple jobs at a time, but Wenzel said he is planning on toning the number back, so the crew can have a quicker turnover rate. He also said there is another expansion for the business coming.

“The dream for it is to be on Main Street in Jenks with a furniture shop,” Wenzel said. “I want a place where people can come and purchase a custom-made piece of furniture for their home.” The Wooden Toolbox can be contacted at 918-439-6615 or

Here are some photos of The Wooden Toolbox’s finished products:


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