FOOTBALL PLAYOFF PREVIEW: Trojan seniors share thoughts on playoffs

FOOTBALL PLAYOFF PREVIEW: Trojan seniors share thoughts on playoffs

Five Jenks senior football players were asked what makes the playoffs special for the Jenks football program.

Quarterback Stephen Kittleman, running back and safety Grant Lohr, receiver and corner back Jayden Patrick, offensive lineman Logan Nobles and tight end and defensive end Waylon Adams gave their answers to the question right here:


“If you go back in time and look at all the past Jenks football teams, who have been successful in the playoffs, that is just a testament to the culture we have here. When we get to the playoffs, we just take it to a new level. We are a little more focused than usual. We always have the same focus during the regular season, but now it means a little more. We got the bleached hair, so that makes it more fun. We just want to play for those who came before us and the playoffs is just a great way for us to do that.”


“When you look at the history we have had throughout the years, I think it’s a pretty big deal. We haven’t won since 2015, so I think it would be pretty special for us to bring it back. We have gone to the state championship the past two years and haven’t been able to pull it out, so hopefully this year we will be able to do that. It does sit in the back of your head with the history we have had and all the gold balls, but we just need to go out there and play like we can. If we play like we are capable of playing, I think we should win state.”


“It’s the tradition of winning. Winning is a mentality here and we want to keep that tradition going. We grow up watching it and just wanting to be that player when you are little.”


“It’s the tradition and expectation of going all the way. That is what it is for me. For us seniors, we have this game that is a home game and then if we make it to the next round, that game is a home game and it is crazy to think that will be our last home game. You don’t realize how quick it goes by. If we make it all the way, these are the last four home games of our senior year, that is crazy to think about. The players just expect to do really well in the playoffs every year. It is the culture we have here.”


“That is the bar at Jenks, is the playoffs and winning a championship. Our team is hoping to meet that bar and meet those expectations that we have and continue the tradition. The bleached hair is a tradition that has been around for a while. As a little kid, watching all the players come out on Friday with their bleached hair and knowing you are going to be them someday is an awesome tradition.”

Kyle Salomon

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