Jenks Tribune Letters to the Editor

Jenks Tribune Letters to the Editor

A few words about city growth

Dear Mayor (Robert) Lee and (city) council members,

I have recently moved from another state to Oklahoma, from the “failing” state of California. Before I go on; I will tell you that I am college educated and conservative, (politically, financially, and socially). I have also sat on city, and home-owners councils. I would like to make Jenks my home permanently; but was very disappointed in your recent ruling concerning bringing a popular restaurant (Mondo’s) into the city.

As I look at the little businesses struggling in the town, and the empty buildings; I see a town that simply does not know WHAT to do, or HOW to secure monies to sustain and grow. There is also an outdated idea that a restaurant, if properly built, would cause a negative noise factor, as well as a parking area creating problems, if logistically positioned.

I am becoming very familiar with other areas near Jenks, such as Glenpool, Bixby, and Sapulpa. They do not seem to be threatened by businesses near their homes, and developments, if properly coordinated. Was there a resistance to the high school here, AND the Riverwalk so close to homes, and apartments? What about the strip-mall that contains Louie’s?

I am coming from a town that has lost most of its restaurants due to the pandemic. They will never open again. California is broke. We do not honestly know how the revenues will come into these smaller communities with the uncertain future ahead in both government and industries. To refuse to allow, or even work with, (it sounds like), an entity that would have brought millions in revenue to Jenks is unsound leadership.

To standstill is to go back words. If “old Jenks” wants to continue with their present ideas; I hope they have a sugar daddy or a good fairy waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces down the road. A good city planner could have taken care of this.

Many regrets,

Lauran E. Findlay at

October 12 article on Jenks losing deal with Mondo’s

Mr. Salomon,

I am very concerned that this article did not fully represent all the facts, and that it unfairly puts blame on Kaye Lynn.

My home is on the cul-de-sac bordering the north end of the 813 E B Street property, and I will therefore be affected greatly by whatever development takes place there. I purchased my home in 1986, and until late 2018 the 813 E B property was zoned residential and had 2 homes on it.  Around that time zoning was changed to OM to allow an office building. We in the surrounding neighborhood felt this was a good compromise because there would likely be minimal noise and traffic in the evenings. (Two attempts to change the zoning to commercial (CS) were denied by Planning Commission/City Council previous to this.)

On 5/21 the Planning Commission recommended change of zoning to River Oriented Commercial with the stipulation that the development would be limited to either office or a restaurant with some protection for the surrounding homes. On 6/2 the City Council, including Kaye Lynn, voted unanimously to change the comprehensive plan and include this property in the River Entertainment District. On 6/4 the Planning Commission recommended change to ROC so the restaurant could operate there, with basic stipulations that a masonry wall be built on the two sides bordering homes, that there would be no amplified outdoor sound, and that the dumpster be located on the east side. The City Council voted unanimously on 6/16 for the change to ROC zoning, and again unanimously to approve the mentioned protections.

In no way is Kaye Lynn standing in the way of progress in Jenks, as the article seems to suggest! She is doing her job of supporting development, while also protecting the quality of life for Jenks residents in her area.  This is a relatively small property surrounded on 2 sides by homeowners who deserve the reasonable protections unanimously recommended by the Planning Commission and approved unanimously by the City Council. I feel that Kaye Lynn as our representative on the Council worked very hard for a win-win situation for all concerned.

Marie Olsen


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