Congressman Kevin Hern speaks at October Chamber Luncheon

Congressman Kevin Hern speaks at October Chamber Luncheon

United States Representative of Oklahoma’s 1st District Kevin Hern spoke Wednesday at the Jenks Chamber of Commerce October Luncheon.

Hern spoke to the sold-out crowd for several minutes before taking questions for the remainder of the event.

“It’s good to be here,” Hern said. “It’s always good to be in Jenks, America. I have been around Jenks a lot. I have seen all the fabulous growth. We love Jenks and love being here. It is great to see so many familiar faces and for what all of you do in this great community, thank you so much.”

The congressman’s connections to Jenks run deep.

Hern and his wife own several McDonald’s restaurants in the area, including the Jenks McDonald’s, which the couple have owned since 2004.

The office where they run their chain of McDonald’s restaurants from is also located in Jenks by the Jones Riverside Airport.

On top of the connection to the Jenks business sector, Hern’s children attended Jenks Public Schools when they were at the elementary level.

Hern said he is looking forward to the days after the upcoming election.

“It is a crazy time in politics as many of you all know,” Hern said. “We have an election in 13 days, and I am sure whether you are Republican, Democrat or don’t give two hoots about politics, you are ready for it to be over. For all of us who are running, I assure you we are no different.”

Hern said his priority is and always will be to keep Americans in their jobs and not have to rely on unemployment.

“One of the things that really matters to our chambers across the district, state and the country is what are we doing to help our business men and women stay in business, have jobs and keep our Americans working,” Hern said.

He added that it is unfortunate that politics have gotten in the way of helping the American people and their businesses during the pandemic.

“I think we did a lot of great work back in March,” Hern said. “It’s always one of those things that we, as Americans come together in a time of need, the greatest need. When we saw what happened with COVID-19 and what it did to our states, people are coming together everywhere and the only thing that gets in the way of that is a crazy thing called politics.”

Hern was elected to Congress in 2018 and is up for re-election in 13 days on Nov. 3.

Kyle Salomon

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