Big thanks to those who helped

Big thanks to those who helped

Running a community newspaper can be very challenging.

Throw in a wedding to plan for and then having to figure out how a paper is going to get done when you are on your honeymoon can turn that challenge and send someone into a complete freak out.

Fortunately, I have people I can trust to handle things when I am gone.

Last week, I married the love of my life and then took a trip to Destin, Florida for our honeymoon. Those of you who know me know it is not easy for me to relinquish any type of control of my business, but throughout the past year, I have learned to do that.

However, in the 61 weeks the Jenks Tribune has been alive, I have never taken a vacation and completely leave the newspaper in the hands of others.

I can honestly say I never had a worry or a doubt in my mind that things would not get done and get done even better than when I am around.

My now wife can attest that while we were in Florida, I never worried about the Jenks Tribune getting done and printed and spread across the community like it does every week.

I owe that peace of mind to Jinger Wiesman, Hayden Tucker and my parents Joe and Andrea Salomon.

I have to admit, it is a freeing feeling when you can have complete trust in people to take care of things while you are gone.

Jinger handled her normal duties with the production of the newspaper, but also made sure the content was where it was supposed to be, and everything got in the paper that was supposed to.

Hayden took the time between school and his job to come in and make sure the pieces that make up each paper were sent to Jinger the way they are every week.

My parents stepped up and drove to Edmond Thursday to pick up the paper from our printer, the Edmond Sun and then took the time on Friday morning to deliver the paper to all the delivery sites the Jenks Tribune is located every week.

Then, to top it all off, my mother stepped in and took care of the “Hearing from the Owner’s Box” column and wrote a stellar piece giving thanks and shoutouts to those who helped with my wedding.

Lastly, being able to step back for a week and watch how the operation is handled from outside your normal bubble is really pretty interesting. It gives you a new perspective and make you think about things a little differently.

For me, it makes me appreciate those who I know I can count on week-in and week-out to help me give the Jenks community a weekly newspaper.

Asking for help is okay sometimes and I think some of us, including me need to hear that from time to time.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the Jenks Tribune.


Kyle Salomon

Kyle Salomon

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