Jenks School Board recognizes ‘Doodle for Google’ national finalist

Jenks School Board recognizes ‘Doodle for Google’ national finalist

Jenks High School student Gwenith Madhan was recognized Monday by the Jenks Public Schools Board of Education at the October School Board Meeting.

Gwenith was one of five national finalists for the “Doodle for Google” competition and was the Oklahoma state champion.

“I am very excited to be the state winner and national finalist in the contest,” Gwenith told the Jenks School Board Monday. “I am honored to represent the state of Oklahoma and be one of five finalists in the nation.”

There are 54 state and territory winners selected by guest judges and Google doodlers.

“When I first heard about the contest theme, which is ‘I show kindness by …’, I honestly struggled at first because it is a very hard concept since there really isn’t a physical form of kindness, so all of my design had to come from my brain, it had to be something only I could create,” Gwenith said.

Gwenith’s design allowed her to be selected as the Oklahoma winner and become a national finalist.

“A lot of my inspiration just came from my daily experiences and since I am a teen who is active on social media, I knew that was a place where I show kindness because I see negativity on there all the time and I know I don’t engage in negativity, so that is how my concept idea was born,” Gwenith said.

Usually, the five national finalists are flown to California where the winner is announced live, but because of COVID-19, Google sent the finalists prize packages and announced the winner online. Gwenith received a $5,000 college scholarship, Google hardware and a lot of Googly swag, including a backpack and other merchandise with her illustration on it.

“I brought it to life by bringing the Google letters to life in different forms of social media posts,” Gwenith told the school board. “There is a YouTube video format, there are some text messages, there are some Instagram posts and my favorite little detail I added in there is all the Google letters have hearts as hands and I did that to really portray kindness is always at our fingertips and that is all you really need to start spreading kindness.”

Kyle Salomon

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