Passing around the wedding shoutouts

Passing around the wedding shoutouts

By Andrea Salomon, mother of Jenks Tribune owner Kyle Salomon

Hey Jenks! I guess technically I’m a bit of an owner. I’m standing in for Kyle Salomon as he happens to be away this week. So, in keeping with his plan and schedule (he is a planner) I was designated to be the editorial guest.

As you all know, Kyle and his bride Kristen Carson were married this past Oct 4. And whether I was the mother of the groom or not the wedding was beautiful. You might say, “it was something right out of a Hallmark movie.”

I figure this is the perfect time for “shout outs” and my first must be to the Lord for His blessing of the most glorious day this fall season has had. It was a tad chilly in the morning for rehearsal but WOW! The day was sunny and bright from beginning to the end with but a hint of wind.

The next “shout out” must go to Spain Ranch which happens to be right here in Jenks. What an awesome place for a celebration of any kind. The grounds are lovely with a pond and a tree lined entry and excellent for a wedding ceremony. The White Barn was perfect for a reception and the Black Barn was so inviting for the Bridal Suite and the Groom’s room. Everything was very accommodating as were the awesome Bronwyn Spain and Cecily Tawney. They know their stuff and were the best at guiding us throughout the day. 

None of these are really in any order but another “shout out” goes to Jenks’ own Cookiedoodle, who supplied adorable and yummy cookies for our “welcome to Jenks” sacks we provided out of town guests who stayed in the hotel. They did custom cookies for each bag and I know everyone loved them.

I would be remiss if I did not “shout out” to Pastor Rick Frie, senior pastor from Jenks First Baptist Church who officiated the ceremony.  Even with a crazy busy schedule he graciously counseled Kyle and Kristen and spoke with elegance as the vows were said.

It would not have been nearly as fun without the perfect DJ and we had him.  “Shout out” to Jake Bradshaw and DIBS (Do It Big Studios).  From the perfect music (he never let it stop) to a great job as Emcee we were greatly entertained.

Shout out to the fabulous Cocoa Events and Marketing (another Jenks company) for entertaining our guests and us with the best picture booth I have ever used.  Everyone loved the fun of taking snapshots with friends and family. There was so much laughter!

Our friends and family were fascinated with our Oklahoma Aquarium.  Shout out to them for providing a perfect place for a relaxing stroll through some amazing exhibits. We heard many comments about the intriguing shark tank.

The perfect place for a rehearsal dinner, “shout out” to Waterfront Grill who did not disappoint with a delicious menu and service staff that treated us like royalty. 

Shout out to the City of Jenks who has a lot to offer anyone who comes to visit or those who live here, and we were excited to share it with loved ones who came from afar. Our city shone brightly, and we were so proud. 

Thank you for reading and thanks for reading “mom’s” version of the Jenks Tribune.


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