Visiting Jenks? We got you covered

Visiting Jenks? We got you covered

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is shifting from the summer heat to the cooler temperatures, which creates some beautiful days in this area.

Jenks is quickly becoming a landing spot for tourists from across the country, as more attractions are finding their way just west of the Arkansas River.

If you are visiting Jenks, America for vacation or for an event, such as a wedding (cough, cough), here are some fun things to do while you are here:


The Oklahoma Aquarium has become Jenks’ main attraction throughout the past decade. This facility is the only aquarium in Oklahoma and gives you a feeling like you are next to an ocean. From local and global marine life, there are thousands of animals to see when you enter the doors of the Oklahoma Aquarium, including the largest Bull Shark tank in the world. If you are visiting Jenks, going to the aquarium is not a suggestion, it is a must-see attraction.


The Riverwalk Crossing provides entertainment for all ages. Whether it is dining options at Los Cabos, Andolini’s or Burn Co. BBQ, or live music at the Riverwalk Amphitheatre, the Riverwalk Crossing has you covered. All its stores and restaurants face the Arkansas River, so there is plenty of good views, while you are walking down the Riverwalk. A crisp fall evening is the perfect time to go and check out what the Riverwalk Crossing is all about.


On the north end of the Riverwalk Crossing, you might notice a large net with a three-story facility on the end of it. That would be Golf Suites. Regardless if you are a golf fan or not, Golf Suites is a place to go for fun and entertainment. On top of the many golf game options, there is food, drinks, live music, and other forms of entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy.


Jenks provides its walkers, runners, and bikers with plenty of amazing trials to enjoy, while you are visiting our town. You combine with that beautiful fall weather and you have hit the jackpot. There are several walking trails that run along the riverfront by the Oklahoma Aquarium, which lead down into the Riverwalk Crossing area or there are plenty of walking trails and areas in the downtown corridor. Elm Street from the Creek Turnpike to 111th Street also provides a wonderful trail to walk, run or ride your bike.


There is just something special about a small-town main street and Jenks provides just that with its historic downtown Main Street area. Whether you are looking to shop, get some food or get some tasty dessert, downtown Jenks has got you covered. Between the vintage stores, antique shops, local restaurants, desert places and coffee shop, you will not leave downtown Jenks disappointed.


You like parks? Jenks is the place to be.

Veteran’s Park gives you a scenic walking or running trail that shows off the natural beauty Jenks has to offer. There is also a pond for anyone who is interested casting the line to fish. Veteran’s Park also provides a playground set, plenty of picnic tables and an ever-so-popular skate park.

Bark West is on the south side of Park West. Bark West, as you might have guessed, is the dog park in Jenks. It is a fun place to bring your K-9 and let him or her off the leash, so they can run free and enjoy time making other dog friends. Park West has a lot of sports fields for people to enjoy a fun game of frisbee, flag football or a family softball game.

Park Central is Jenks’ oldest park and is located on the northwest corner of the Main Street and Elm Street intersection behind the McDonald’s. Park Central provides basketball courts, a splash pad, and a playground for children to enjoy.

Make sure to visit at least one of the parks Jenks has to offer while you are here. You won’t be disappointed.

Jenks, America is a fun and exciting place, which provides many options for people of all ages. No matter why you are here, we hope you enjoy your time.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the Jenks Tribune.


Kyle Salomon

Kyle Salomon

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