Jenks senior Victor Zhu earns perfect ACT score

Jenks senior Victor Zhu earns perfect ACT score

Jenks High School senior Victor Zhu had been preparing for the ACT since he was in middle school.

Zhu took his first mock ACT exam in seventh grade. He took another mock test as a sophomore.

This past July, going into his senior year, Zhu took the official ACT test and achieved a perfect score of 36.

“I started studying before my first mock test when I was in middle school,” Zhu said. “My dad encouraged me to take practice tests and read textbooks.”

Zhu said he had the chance to dig in and study for several months leading up to the test due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing a quarantine.

“I really focused on it during that time and I feel like I made the progress I needed to make,” Zhu said. “When I took the practice tests, I was always a little worried because I never felt completely fine about them. Going into the official test, I felt pretty good. After the test, I didn’t walk out of there feeling like I had just scored a 36, I felt like I was somewhere between a 34-36.”

Zhu said he has always had a preference for the math and science subjects, but English and reading don’t come quite as easy. He said the extra time of studying helped him focus on those subjects.

The Jenks senior said he found out about his perfect score in the car with a friend on their way to paint their parking spaces for the upcoming school year.

“I saw it and I was really excited because the score release date was a little different, so I had been checking the website for nearly a week waiting,” Zhu said. “My mom was really proud of me and my dad was really happy because he is the one who helped coach me through it.”

Zhu said he is planning on going into the medical field but isn’t sure what college he would like to attend.

“Ideally, I would like to go to a college out of state, but I think OU will be a good option for me,” Zhu said. “Financially, it makes more sense staying close to home. My mindset right now is if I have a more exciting option available, I will consider it, but other than that, OU is a really practical option for me.”

Zhu said he has been attending Jenks Public Schools since he was a third-grade student at Jenks Southeast Elementary. His family moved to the Jenks school district from Claremore.

On top of shining in the classroom, Zhu takes part in several clubs and organizations at Jenks Public Schools.

Zhu is a member of the speech and debate team, a member of the academic team, volunteer for Key Club, where he manages the website, coaches the Middle School Math Counts program, plays piano and plays some soccer in his free time.

He said Jenks Public Schools has given him the ability to shine as a student.

“Jenks has a really great educational system in terms of combining the STEM fields and humanity fields,” Zhu said. “They do a great job of supplementing that with extra-curricular activities. They give you a wide perspective and provide us with so many options.”

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