Pearl House’s non-profit jewelry company, Esombo, provides unique opportunity for young Ghanaian women

Pearl House’s non-profit jewelry company, Esombo, provides unique opportunity for young Ghanaian women

By Courtney Bullard, special to the Jenks Tribune

Esombo. It seems like a funny name until you know the story behind the name and what the word Esombo means.   

In July 2019, Jenks resident Courtney Bullard, the Executive Director/CEO and co-founder of The Pearl House, traveled to The Pearl House in Ghana with Lexi Droemer, The Pearl House Development Coordinator and Director of Esombo, and Kathy Hitchcock, The Pearl House Director of Operations in order to find a new name for its newly inherited non-profit jewelry company, Kairos 10. 

The ladies knew the new mission of the company would be to empower, educate, and employ young women in Ghana.

They thought it would be great if they could find a Ghanaian word that began with the letter “E” that described their mission or the products they were going to sell. Bullard sat down with one of The Pearl House staff members, Mama Millicent, and asked her if there were any Ghanaian words that began with the letter “E” that could serve as a new name for Kairos 10.

They went through a list together until they came to the word “Esombo”. It was perfect. Esombo is a word in the Ghanaian language of Twi [pronounced tree] that means valuable, priceless, precious, or unique … a pearl.  

“We want everyone to know that God has created them uniquely … that they are valuable, priceless, and precious,” Bullard said.

Today Esombo, The Pearl House’s non-profit retail company, creates economic opportunity for skilled women in Ghana, so they can provide for their families. Every product purchased from Esombo provides economic opportunity to vulnerable women and helps support education for young women in Ghana.

Esombo’s mission is to empower, educate, and employ young women in Ghana, Africa, to change their families, their communities, and their nation.  

Esombo goods are handcrafted by Ghanaian artisans. Their soft goods are made by students at The Pearl House Career Centers where young women learn skills, which they need to support their families. Esombo’s beautiful jewelry is made by Esombo’s beading artisans. The beads used in Esombo’s jewelry are made of recycled glass with time-honored traditions of Ghanaian bead makers.

The Ghanaian artisans employed by Esombo are very talented and are currently working on new jewelry and soft good designs. Esombo’s products are truly valuable, priceless, precious, and unique. For Esombo to continue to give their artisans new work and offer their customers new designs, they are retiring the existing line of Kairos 10 jewelry that was inherited when The Pearl House took over the organization.

With this retirement, Esombo is now offering an amazing deal to consumers. They are selling bundles of jewelry worth $300 at an incredible value of only $50. These bundles of jewelry make incredible gifts, can be used for fundraisers, women’s events, or be donated to different women’s shelters that Esombo has partnered with in various states.

To support this great cause, you can order jewelry bundles as well as masks, soft goods, and handcrafted jewelry at

“I love when there is purpose behind a product. Every time I wear my Esombo earrings or tie my African fabric hair tie around my head, I know that we are helping to change a nation through Esombo and The Pearl House,” Bullard said.

For more information about Esombo or The Pearl House, visit or


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