FOOTBALL PREVIEW: Trojan offense looks to fly in 2020

FOOTBALL PREVIEW: Trojan offense looks to fly in 2020

Jenks returns most of its offensive line and its starting quarterback from 2019, which gives the Trojans a head start heading into the 2020 season.

Senior Stephen Kittleman will engineer an offense that is predicated on a balanced attack with the ability to run power football and let their speed on the edges take over when needed.

We are very pleased to this point,” Jenks offensive coordinator Greg Calabrese said. “Certainly not to insinuate that we have arrived by any means, but a huge advantage anytime you can keep your quarterback from the previous season. Stephen has done an outstanding job. On the offensive line, we bring back Haden Crawley, Logan Nobles, and Isaac Arcee, so it is great having the nucleus back with those guys up front.”

At receiver, there are some new faces, but the talent is not lacking.

“We kind of joke about the fact that we have never had less experience in the receiver group, but at the same time, I can’t remember when I felt like we were deeper at that position,” Calabrese said. “We have a lot of kids competing for positions. I believe that will make each player better with the competition they are in right now.”

However, there is one receiver that is standing out for the Trojans.

“Obviously, Jayden Patrick, no one would have ever guessed this is his first action as a wide receiver,” Calabrese said. “He really hit the ground running.”

At the running back position, Calabrese said he is pleased with what he has seen so far.

“We are very comfortable and excited about our running back situation,” Calabrese said. “Grant Lohr returning and Griffin Forbes gained momentum as the year went on last year. He is going to be a little bit of a slash player for us with playing in the backfield and splitting out. Brock Smith is healthy, and we are expecting some good things out of him and Jalyn Stanford on both sides of the ball is going to be a really exciting player for us.”

Calabrese said he is very excited to see the type of year senior tight end Waylon Adams has for Jenks.

“What he’s done this past offseason, he is like a new kid,” Calabrese said. “He put on 30 pounds of muscle and is faster than he was a year ago. He is going to be a huge weapon for us at the tight end position.”

Calabrese said going against the defense every day has prepared the offense for anything they will see in 2020.

“To go against our defense, not just the talent we have on that side of the ball, but the schemes Coach (Adam) Gaylor likes to do has really accelerated our growth as an offense,” Calabrese said.

With quite a few players playing both ways this year, Calabrese said developing depth is crucial.

“It’s vital to create depth,” Calabrese said. “Because of the number of kids we have playing both sides of the ball, we don’t want to have to change our offense because we have a guy that plays both ways that may need a break. We want to keep rolling no matter who is in the game. We also want to create depth that will help us for many years to come, so when it is their turn to step into that starting role, they are able to hit the ground running.”

Calabrese said having players playing both ways is good for the team.

“Some of our kids are just too dynamic,” Calabrese said. “It would be foolish to say they are just going to specialize on offense or defense. Football is a crazy game, you don’t know what is going to happen, so you have to have your depth in place and the next guy needs to be ready to jump into those positions.”

Kyle Salomon

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