Citizens say yes to City of Jenks bond issue

Citizens say yes to City of Jenks bond issue

Jenks residents let their voices be heard Tuesday with a landslide passing of the City of Jenks bond issue.

71.19% of the voters chose yes on the ballot Tuesday, while 28.81% said no.

“This result is a big win for the people of Jenks,” Jenks Mayor Robert Lee said. “We’re looking forward to making good on these much-needed projects.”

There was a total of 2,954 citizens of Jenks, who voted on the bond issue Tuesday. Of that 2,954, 2,103 voted yes and 851 voted no.

“The turnout was bigger than anyone expected, and that is a testament to how badly we need these projects to happen,” Lee said. “Citizens need updated roads for their daily commutes, and they showed up in full force to kickstart these projects.”

Here is the list of projects the Jenks residents voted yes to on Tuesday:

-$16 million for construction of south Elm Street from 111th Street to 131st Street. This will make Elm Street all five lanes from 111th Street to 131st Street and add a trail and medians with trees and landscaping

-$1 million for design of Elwood Ave. from 111th Street to 121st Street to include landscaping and a trail

-$1 million for design of improvements of Elwood Ave. from 91st Street to Main Street with landscaping and trail

-$1 million for construction of Main Street from Date Street to the railroad, including drainage going from Birch Ave. all the way to the Veterans Park Pond

-$1 million for design of 106th Street going east from Elm Street to the River District area where the outlet mall will be located

The other $500,000 will be for cost of creating all five projects for the bond issue.

The G.O. bond will be a 20-year bond and raise property taxes $75 per $100,000 in property ownership for the first year. However, the property tax hike will level out to a $46 per year raise per $100,000 in property ownership throughout the 20-year span.

Kyle Salomon

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