Jenks Tribune endorses City of Jenks Bond Issue

Jenks Tribune endorses City of Jenks Bond Issue

We live in a great community. I believe Jenks is the best community in the state and best community in the nation.

These are exciting times to be in Jenks. We have the top school district in this area of the country, we have strong leadership in our city government, we have a very active Chamber of Commerce, which always has Jenks’ best interests at heart when making decisions, we have the only aquarium in Oklahoma and we have a thriving business community with a mixture of old and young entrepreneurs, who are ready to take Jenks to even higher levels of success.

However, a wise man once told me the minute you are satisfied and become stagnant is the minute you start going downhill.

For us here at the Jenks Tribune, that is what this Aug. 25 bond issue is all about and that is why the Jenks Tribune is endorsing this bond issue.

There is no secret that our roads and infrastructure need improvements and with the passing of this general obligation bond, many of those issues will be alleviated.

The bond issue totals $20.5 million and covers four areas that need heavy improvements. Yes, your taxes will go up for the next 20 years with the passing of this bond, but I believe they will be dollars well spent for a better way of life here in Jenks.

For the first year, your taxes will rise $75 per $100,000 in property ownership and after that it will be $46 per $100,000 in property ownership. In other words, if you own a $200,000 piece of property, you will pay an extra $150 in property taxes the first year and an extra $92 per year the following years.

I am not here to tell anyone how to spend their money, but to me that amount is well-worth improving our roads here in Jenks.

The big chunk of the $20.5 bond issue is the $16 million designated for the widening of south Elm Street. The improvements made from the Creek Turnpike to 111th Street on Elm Street are outstanding and extending that to 131st Street would make life much easier for people that live in south Jenks and for businesses, who are interested in building in the southern parts of the city.

The $2 million designated for engineering done to widen Elwood Avenue from 91st Street to 121st Street is a step in the right direction. As Elm Street continues to attract more attention, Elwood Avenue becomes more popular as well. Widening Elwood Avenue would be a major step for the future of Jenks.

The $1 million designated for the construction of Main Street from Date Street to the railroad that would include drainage from Birch Avenue to Veteran’s Park Pond is something that is sorely needed. Have you ever driven through downtown Jenks during a rainstorm? I have and it is not fun. Drainage improvements are needed in a major way and this is a start to that process.

Finally, with all the excitement surrounding the outlet mall coming to Jenks, there is one area that needs addressed as the construction on the facility has commenced. We need another entrance and exit into the area and the $1 million designated for the engineering of 106th Street going east from Elm Street is a start that is needed. The outlet mall will attract many people coming into the Jenks area and more roads, entrances and exits in that space are things that will be vital to its success.

I want to thank the staff at the City of Jenks for their hard work in putting this bond issue together and giving us projects that will make our way of life physically better here in Jenks, and positively affect people of all ages who live in this town.

This bond issue is not just a vote for better roads, it is a vote for an even brighter future for Jenks. Get out and vote and vote yes!

Kyle Salomon

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