HEARING FROM THE OWNER’S BOX: Positive reporting is the way to go

HEARING FROM THE OWNER’S BOX: Positive reporting is the way to go

Every time I check in on my social media accounts now a days there is one resounding universal theme I run into on the daily.

“Main-stream media is destroying our society.”

You have one news outlet saying one thing about a specific subject and another news outlet saying the complete opposite on that same topic.

Yet, those media companies have the audacity to say they are delivering the news. How exactly are they delivering the news if no one can agree on what exactly the news is?

Covering the news is not difficult if it is done the way it is supposed to be done.

News happens, media outlets report on the facts and allow the general public to decide how they want to feel about it.

Instead, you have powerful media conglomerates jumping into the boxing ring that is the world of news and trading blows left and right trying to push their own agendas.

To put it simply, main-stream media has forgotten what its actual job is and is now “all-in” on trying to sway the “mob” in a certain way. It is a dangerous way to report and it is not what true journalism is supposed to be.

The job of the media is “to provide the public with the information they need, so they may be free and self-governing.”

It has been a long time since that discipline has been practiced throughout this nation.

This is why I love community journalism, and this is why I have made the choice to keep things positive with the Jenks Tribune.

Community newspapers can be the beating heart of a local community. That is my goal here in Jenks with this newspaper. I want to tie the community together here in Jenks with positive reporting and fun, wholesome stories that put smiles on people’s faces.

Why? Because Jenks is a wonderful place to live and a wonderful place to work and I believe it deserves a light of positivity to shine on it.

I have worked in community journalism since the summer of 2010 when I had my first internship with the Norman Transcript and Moore American. Since that time, I have worked or interned for nine community newspapers and negative news was always at the forefront when content was being discussed.

I entered the game as a sportswriter, but as anyone who has been in the community newspaper business knows, you wear many hats and the title doesn’t mean a thing. If there is a job to be done and you have a moment free, guess who is doing that job? That’s right, you.

So, I had the chance to cover many news stories as well as sports. I will be honest, at first, I was all in on the negative news. I wanted to find that big hard news story that would help give me a name in the journalism world.

However, overtime I realized that by doing that, all you are doing is wanting to take the community you live in and drag its name through mud. And for what? A couple of pats on the back or a few retweets and likes by other journalists on Twitter?

No thanks. Not for me.

Does this mean if something negative happens here in Jenks that we won’t cover it? Absolutely not. We will cover it, but we will report the facts and nothing more. We will focus on how that negative event can be turned around to be a positive outcome.

No community is perfect. Every city has its flaws. That is just fact. We live in an imperfect world where no one or nothing is perfect.

Be positive or be negative? It is a choice.

For us, that choice has been made. The Jenks Tribune will now and forever be known for its positive reporting.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the Jenks Tribune.


Kyle Salomon


Kyle Salomon

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