GUEST COLUMN: Jenks sets standard for community unity

GUEST COLUMN: Jenks sets standard for community unity

By Josh Driskell, Jenks Chamber of Commerce President and CEO

It would be easy to look at the past five months and feel disheartened. Uncertainty abounds, unemployment climbed, and businesses have suffered.

But that is only part of the story.

The rest of the COVID-19 story so far is one of communities coming together and uniting. That’s certainly the case here in Jenks.

Throughout this ordeal, I have had to pleasure of seeing the best of us firsthand.

I’ve seen restaurant owners do everything they can to provide a clean and safe way to serve their customers. I’ve seen retailers bend over backwards to make sure customers have a sanitary shopping experience. I’ve seen business owners sacrifice so that their employees can keep feeding their families and paying their mortgages.

We’ve seen the best of a community coming together.

From the beginning, Jenks residents and businesses alike have united behind a common goal of doing what’s best for all of us. When businesses were restricted in the early days of the outbreak, Jenks residents supported the inventiveness of Jenks’ entrepreneurs and ordered food to go. They shopped local. They kept the cash registers in Jenks ringing.

We still have challenges ahead of us. Daily coronavirus cases continue to rise across the state and nation. Federal aid programs have run out and businesses will need all of us – now more than ever – to support them.

In addition to shopping local, we need to reach out to our elected officials in Washington, DC and encourage them to support legislation enacting new support measures to keep the American economy moving.

Now is the time for Jenks residents to come together and continue to set the standard for how each of us treats one another, how we support our businesses, and how we unite to overcome adversity.


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