Oklahoma Aquarium now offering animal encounters

Oklahoma Aquarium now offering animal encounters

Guests at the Oklahoma Aquarium can now experience a behind-the-scenes adventure like never before with a new interactive program.

The aquarium is offering animal encounters, letting guests have up-close meetings with their favorite aquatic creatures. Visitors can help biology staff train river otters, feed zebra sharks, and even watch feedings of juvenile bull sharks and their famous loggerhead sea turtle Seamore.

One of the encounters is with some of the furriest members of the Oklahoma Aquarium family: river otters. During the otter encounter and feed experience, participants will receive a 15-minute lesson about river otters and their ecological importance, followed by the opportunity to assist biology staff in training the river otters to touch a target in order to receive a treat.

“The Oklahoma Aquarium’s mission is to educate and inspire conservation of our aquatic world through interactive discovery,” says Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Leitch. “Through face-to-face encounters with our animals, we hope to spark an even greater passion for aquatic conservation.”

Many of the encounters are for small, private groups, allowing an even safer experience at the aquarium. To learn more and reserve your encounter, visit okaquarium.org.


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