Jenks Tribune set to return to weekly print editions next week

Jenks Tribune set to return to weekly print editions next week

It was 21 weeks and a little less than five months ago that I made the decision to stop our print editions and go online only.

COVID-19 had started to infiltrate Oklahoma and the Tulsa metro area and businesses, both locally and statewide, began to shutter their doors, either by choice or because their local governments ordered them shut.

At the time, I was not sure how long our hiatus from print editions would last or quite frankly, if we would ever print papers again.

We shifted to our weekly e-editions and posting daily on our website and social media accounts. We had great responses to all those products, but it was clear we were missing something.

We continued this process through March and April and then in early May, we made the decision to put out a special section honoring the Class of 2020 seniors. We decided to do a printed edition for that section but went back to the online editions only following that issue.

The Senior Salute Section was a success for us, which caused me to do some serious thinking for what our plans were going to be in the future.

With July 4 a little less than two months away and the City of Jenks deciding to pick up the slack with the annual Boom Fest, we decided to put together another special section, called the Freedom Section.

The special edition would highlight the July 4 festivities taking place in the Jenks community and give local businesses a chance to show their appreciation to the City of Jenks with half of their advertising money for the section being donated to city in their name.

The Freedom Section was a smashing success. Not only was it fun to put together, but it gave the Jenks Tribune the jolt of lightning it needed to move forward with our print editions.

The decision was then made to go back to our weekly print editions beginning in August. Since the Freedom Section, we have gone back to our weekly digital editions, but we have been working hard preparing for the comeback of our bread and butter, our print editions.

Since we made this decision and been working toward August, there has been an excitement around the Jenks Tribune we have not seen in quite some time.

It goes without saying that we can’t wait to get back to what we came here to do, and that is print newspapers.

Our website, e-editions, and social media accounts have carried us since early March, but those were designed to supplement our newspaper.

I want to thank you, the Jenks community, for your patience through this time. The absence of our printed newspaper has allowed our digital presence to grow strong. We are not going to forget those products now that we are printing again.

The digital side of what we do is very important, and we will continue to utilize its reach, but there is just something about holding a newspaper in your hands that gives the news an extra sense of validation.

We are making changes on how we are going to distribute the printed editions. We are not going to be mailing them out via the U.S. Post Office.

Instead, we are going to drop them at businesses, organizations and school sites across the Jenks and south Tulsa communities.

We are excited about this new distribution method and believe it will be beneficial not only to our advertisers, but to our readers as well.

On Monday, we will release the locations of where the printed copies will be placed.

I want to say thank you again. Thank you for your patience and thank you for your continued and unwavering support.

We are excited to get back to what we came here to do … print newspapers full of hyperlocal community news and sports information about what is happening right here in Jenks, America.


Kyle Salomon


Jenks Tribune


Kyle Salomon

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