GolfSuites takes over Flying Tee, set to bring positive changes

GolfSuites takes over Flying Tee, set to bring positive changes

The world of golf, fun and entertainment is changing in Jenks with GolfSuites replacing Flying Tee as the managing company for the Riverwalk Crossing-based location.

GolfSuites officially came on board in the fall of 2019 and with a three-part transition plan that would take nine to 12 months to complete.

GolfSuites took over as the managing company in the fall of 2019. Photos/Courtesy

The original plan was to debut earlier this summer, but the COVID-19 pandemic had other ideas. The new plan is to complete the entire transition from Flying Tee to GolfSuites in the late spring or early summer of 2021.

“We are excited about the next seven to nine months as we continue facility updates, management and food and beverage staffing, website revamp and rebranding of the venue,” said Scott McCurry, GolfSuites Vice President of Operations.

The complete transition from Flying Tee to GolfSuites will be completed in the spring of 2021.

Changes to the venue began taking place in early 2020, but as the three-phase transition progresses, changes will be ongoing until the venue is completed.

“We will be transforming our building and our experience through multiple phases, from basic repairs and improvements to complete layout renovations,” said Dionicia McCallum, GolfSuites Director of Marketing. “We are asking everyone for their patience, as construction areas pop-up around the venue. We hope Tulsan’s will join us often to be a part of the excitement that is building as Phase 1 through 3 take place to create a whole new experience for our guests. Our promise to our guests is to deliver fun with passion.”

Many people gathered in the 19th Hole area on July 4 to watch fireworks.

Here are the three phases for the GolfSuites transition:

Phase 1:

-Brand new menu with local partners

-Repainting of interior and second and third-floor tee lines

-Remodel and upgrade both event meeting rooms

-Remove the old third-floor suites to make way for an upgraded VIP suite lounge

-Internal signage changing and rebranding visuals with external signage change coming soon

-New and repaired televisions along with digital posters throughout the venue

-All new training manuals based around delivering fun with passion

-New uniforms for all team partners

-All new golf and game technology installation, powered by Toptracer Range

Food and drinks are one of the many attractions for GolfSuites.

Phase 2:

-Begin to remodel lobby area to include a full retail shop

-Change of external signage on building

-Remodel of 19th Hole area (first-floor patio)

-Repaint first-floor tee line and exterior of building

-New website and social media platforms

-Addition of exterior stage in 19th Hole area

-Live concert series begins

Toptracer Range is the exciting new gaming system GolfSuites has implemented.
Toptracer has an app that comes with it that is fun and easy to use.

Phase 3:

-VIP suite lounge construction commences

-Range light show installation

-Installation of new range turf

-New tee line and suite furniture

-First-floor restaurant and sports bar remodel

-New interior furniture

The first-floor restaurant will be transformed into more of a sports bar under GolfSuites.

“GolfSuites is a great company,” McCallum said. “We are excited. The goal is to grow from here. We have made a lot of changes behind the scenes and are now beginning to tackle the guest facing changes. A most recent and exciting change for our guests is our new technology. Toptracer Range provides our guest an easier check in process, including an app that allows them to track stats in Tulsa or at any of our future GolfSuites locations. With its high definition virtual visuals and additional family friendly games our new technology offers a fun, engaging, tech-driven experience that appeals to seasoned players, range rivals, friends, family members, and even first-time golfers.”

While forming the GolfSuites Tulsa team, a new assistant golf instructor has been added to the staff.  The new instructor is heading up Suite Summer Kids Camp, individual and group lessons along with league play and “coming soon” annual GolfSuites tournaments wrapped around some of the PGA Tour’s biggest tournaments of the year.

“We are building an entertainment venue that when Tulsan’s and visitors think play, eat, drink, party or fun they will #thinkSuite – GolfSuites – GolfSuites Tulsa,” McCallum said.

The pandemic has also forced some operational changes with GolfSuites.

Each suite goes through a full sanitation process when they switch over to another guest. There are additional hand sanitizer stations around the facility and each team member wears a mask. Wellness checks are also provided other suggested guidelines are continuing to be followed daily.

There will be live music incorporated on the two stages at the facility and bigger concerts on the range.

“We look forward to serving our community and making an impact on all who come to experience what we, GolfSuites Tulsa, have to offer,” said Karson Calvert, GolfSuites Tulsa Operations Manager. “At GolfSuites Tulsa, we want to build relationships by creating unforgettable experiences as we do this by delivering fun with passion.”

These are all the words that describe your experience at GolfSuites.

More about GolfSuites:

Mission Statement:

-To provide a fun, all-inclusive engaging and authentic golf-centric entertainment venue focused on ultimate hospitality and game improvement

GolfSuites provides a unique level of fun and entertainment in the Tulsa area.


-To treat all guests and team partners with care as if they were family

-To deliver exceptional and consistent guest experiences with state-of-the-art technology

-To deliver value to all team partners and offer opportunities for growth and development

-To deliver value to all guests and a fair profit to all shareholders

-To provide an all-inclusive environment supporting fun and collaboration

Parties are one of the main attractions at GolfSuites in Jenks.


-GolfSuites is the worldwide destination of choice for gamified-golf-entertainment, events, performance improvement and fun for everyone

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