Popular restaurant Mondo’s eyes Jenks location

Popular restaurant Mondo’s eyes Jenks location

Since 1969 when Italian restaurants are mentioned in the Tulsa area, it is rare “Mondo’s” is not among those named.

For more than five decades, Mondo’s Ristorante Italiano has served delicious Italian food, but its restaurants throughout the years have been located in the midtown area of Tulsa.

Mondo’s only current location resides at 3410 S. Peoria Ave. in the popular Brookside area.

However, that could change soon. Jenks has emerged as a frontrunner to land the next Mondo’s restaurant.

The location being considered is on the northwest corner of Riverfront Drive and B Street just before you enter the Riverwalk Crossing area.

The northwest corner of the intersection of B Street and Riverfront Drive is the location Mondo’s is looking at right now. Photos/Kyle Salomon

Mondo’s is owned and operated by the Aloisio family. Lou and his son Rob are the co-owners, while Rob’s brothers Michael and Christo help run the family business as well.

Rob Aloisio said his family has always liked the Jenks community.

“My kids grew up playing in the Jenks (youth) baseball league,” Aloisio said. “Every time I drove through Main Street Jenks, it had a hometown feeling of just a great community.”

Aloisio said based on their current restaurant on Brookside, a Jenks location would be geographically perfect.

“We really like the accessibility with the Creek Turnpike coming over from south Tulsa,” Aloisio said. “You could be on 101st and Memorial and jump on the Creek Turnpike and be in Jenks within minutes. Also, you have the Highway 75 corridor. Logistically, it could not be a better fit. When we saw that property for sale, I thought it was a prime piece of land and a great opportunity.”

There are concerns however, among the Jenks citizens that live in the houses near that property, that there will be a lot of noise coming from the new Mondo’s restaurant.

Aloisio said he understands the Jenks residents’ concerns.

“We are a family restaurant,” Aloisio said. “We love to have families and friends come in and eat. I think Mondo’s would be a great fit for the Jenks community.”

Jenks City Council approved a pre-plat Tuesday in a City Council Meeting on the land Mondo’s is interested in acquiring.

City Council is requiring Mondo’s to build a wall between the restaurant and the nearby homes to alleviate any sound issues.

During Tuesday’s meeting, one city council member raised a number of concerns about the potential new restaurant, but another city council member brought to everyone’s attention that if the Jenks City Council continues to add more restrictions to the Mondo’s group, the group may decide to look elsewhere to build their new location.

If the Mondo’s ownership group decides they want to purchase the land to build their new location, the Jenks City Council will have final say on the final plat approval before construction can be started.

“We only seat 85 people in our current location,” Aloisio said. “Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, I am having to turn away 30 to 40 reservations per night because we can’t accommodate them. We are busting at the seams. We are capped where we are.”

Aloisio said the COVID-19 pandemic has been a little bit of a scare for the Mondo’s group, but they are still ready to roll with a new location.

“I don’t want to get into a $2 million project of buying land and building a restaurant and not be able to open our doors,” Aloisio said. “If Mondo’s does come to Jenks, we are projecting around $4.2 to $4.5 million in sales annually, which would bring a lot of sales tax revenue to the City of Jenks.”

Mondo’s is one of the most popular restaurants in the Tulsa area.

Kyle Salomon

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