Dills wins House District 69 re-election in dominating fashion

Dills wins House District 69 re-election in dominating fashion

State House District 69 Representative Sheila Dills will have at least two more years in office after a landslide victory Tuesday over challenger Angela Strohm in the Republican Primary Election.

Dills took 62% of the vote, while Strohm had 38%. House District 69 covers portions of Jenks, Bixby and south Tulsa.

This will be Dills’ second term in office, as she has served House District 69 the past two years after beating Democrat Andy Richardson in the November 2018 election.

“I am really honored the people of House District 69 have re-elected me to continue to represent them,” Dills said. “When I was elected in 2018, I made three promises and that was to listen, to communicate and to lead and I plan on continuing that as long as I am serving the people of House District 69.”

Dills said she is ready to take on the next two years serving her district.

“When I look ahead, I want to be known as a strong conservative leader,” Dills said. “I want to exhibit integrity and statesmanship and have empathy for people. I think politicians have lost their way with having statesmanship. That is important to me. Hopefully, whenever I am at work, I am doing it in a way that is very statesman-like. I appreciate anyone, including politicians who exhibit that in their work.”

Dills added that there are two specific areas she wants to continue to work on in her next term.

“I have led the way with transparency and accountability,” Dills said. “I want to continue that. I want our rights and freedoms to be protected, but I also want to protect us from government spending our hard-earned tax dollars in wasteful ways. I learned very early in my term that we need to hold agencies more accountable. There needs to be more transparency. I had two bills that addressed these issues in my first term, and I am going to continue to push for that.”

Dills said education is something that is also vital for the state.

“Education is really important to me,” Dills said. “It is important to the district. I will always be working education-related issues. The one thing I am probably most known for at the capitol right now is my ability to bring people together. I am not a divisive person and it is because I listen to people. When I listen, people trust me, and they are usually willing to share with me whatever we need to overcome to achieve progress. Some people can do that, and some people can’t. It has helped me a lot because we have been able to bring some opposing sides together to work out legislation that really helped the state.”

Dills said one of the reasons she can connect with her constituents is her ability to listen.

“It’s important for representatives to listen to their constituents,” Dills said. “That is important to me because I want to be the best representative that I can possibly be and whenever I am listening to people, that is how I am going to be the best possible representative I can be. When someone is not listening, they are not going to serve their people very well.”

Dills said she is blessed to serve House District 69.

“I am so blessed to represent and live in an amazing house district,” Dills said. “The people are fantastic, and they have supported me from day one. I am so blessed in so many ways. It is just very touching to me. Today was amazing. We had so many supporters out in the district waving signs, they have volunteered, they have financially supported the campaign. I just can’t thank them enough for the support they have given me, it has been absolutely overwhelming. The people in my house district are very special people. I may be a little partial, but I believe it is the best house district in the state of Oklahoma.”

Kyle Salomon

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