Jenks Police release June 21 through June 27 incident reports

Jenks Police release June 21 through June 27 incident reports

June 21 through June 27

LARCENY-12100: Block Skyline Dr.; Suspect drove up to mailbox and took mail out.

MVA-HIT & RUN -PROPERTY DAMAGE: 10200 South Hwy. 75 northbound; Suspect attempted to pass the victim and did not have enough space and hit the victims vehicle with his trailer.

WARRANT ARREST; Tulsa County District Court: FTA Court Hearing & Unlawful Possession of Controlled Drug with Intent to Distribute & Use of Telecomm Device in Drug Transaction.

PLANNING OR THREATENING VIOLENT ACT; Threatening phone calls were made to the victim. Unknown suspect at this time.

RECOVERED STOLEN PROPERTY: 500 Block N Forest St.; Unknown suspect(s) took the victim’s vehicle without his permission and parked it in the backyard.

PLANNING OR THREATENING VIOLENT ACT; The suspect called the victim and left a voicemail stating they were going to come and shoot the victim in the face.

UTTERING FORGED INSTRUMENTS: 10600 South Elm Street; An unknown male suspect attempted to buy fireworks using a counterfeit 20-dollar bill.

OBTAIN MONEY/PROP W/ FALSE NEGOTIABLE: 300 Block W K St.; Suspect(s) withdrew money out of the victim’s account. Suspect(s) then pretended to be customer service for Cashapp. Suspect(s) then used account information and withdrew more money, depriving the victim.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF CREDIT CARD: 13300 BLOCK S 21ST PL.; Unknown suspect accessed the victim’s credit card information and used it to make an unauthorized purchase

26 Reports were taken for Unemployment Fraud.

PETIT LARCENY-SHOPLIFTING: 11020 S Elm St; Suspect stole merchandise from the business, depriving the business of monetary value.

PETIT LARCENY-SHOPLIFTING: 210 S Elm ST.; Unknown suspects went into Walgreens then left with unknown amount of items depriving the store of them.

BURGLARY FROM AUTO: 3900 Block W 109th St.; Suspect smashed the front passenger side window and took items.

BURGLARY FROM AUTO: 12000 Block S Ivy Ct.; An unknown suspect stolen a toolbox full of tools from the bed of the victim’s pickup truck.

THROW OR DROP OBJECT ON MOTOR VEHICLE: 11100 South HWY 75 SB; The suspect threw full but opened, what appeared to be a blue Bud Light can, out of her moving vehicle hit the victim’s moving vehicle while traveling on South HWY 75 SB.

VANDALISM: 1400 Block W 118th St.; Unknown suspect(s) used spray paint to vandalize the concreate base under the bridge in the park. 


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