Jenks says no fireworks after 11 p.m. July 3, 4 … its citizens should abide

Jenks says no fireworks after 11 p.m. July 3, 4 … its citizens should abide

July 4 is one of my favorite holidays of the year.

It is a time where we can all come together and celebrate our freedoms that we take for granted every day.

The way we celebrate our Independence Day is great as well. Fireworks are a great thing. They are fun, exciting, beautiful, and loud. Needless to say, there is no better way to celebrate July 4 than with fireworks.

As you may have noticed, firework stands are going up left and right all across the Tulsa area. Most are run by local organizations that will use the money they raise for a good cause, so I highly recommend purchasing your fireworks from a local stand if you are planning on setting off your own fireworks next week.

Jenks will also have its annual Boom Fest near the Arkansas River on July 4, so if you live in or around the Jenks community, you are covered with your firework desires.

The City of Jenks does not allow fireworks to be used throughout the year except around July 4 and New Year’s. This year, the City of Jenks is allowing its residents to set off their own fireworks from noon to 11 p.m. July 3 and noon to 11 p.m. July 4.

Jenks Fire Chief Greg Ostrum would rather Jenks citizens not set off their own fireworks and leave it to the professionals, but he understands the joy and excitement fireworks bring.

The Jenks Fire Department will be on full alert that weekend to help anyone who might get hurt or do property damage due to fireworks.

If you are a parent or one who enjoys setting off their own fireworks, I would make sure safety is the top priority. The Jenks Fire Department is always glad to help if needed, but they will be stretched thin that day with the Freedom Fest and Boom Fest going on in downtown Jenks. Do not make their lives more difficult by having to call them for an accident caused by fireworks.

There is one topic I would like to discuss regarding fireworks.

If you do decide you want to set off your own fireworks, please follow the rules and do not continue to set them off after 11 p.m. both nights.

Those laws are in place for a reason, to keep you safe and the later in the night it gets, the more dangerous it becomes shooting off fireworks in neighborhoods.

Remember, there are families of all ages and sizes in Jenks and those with younger children, who go to bed early, need to be able to do so in peace. Having to listen to fireworks until the early morning hours is not something Jenks residents should have to do.

Pets are also something to think about when it comes to shooting off fireworks after the legal time. Animals do not understand what fireworks are and making a pet nervous and anxious because fireworks are being set off after 11 p.m. is also something Jenks residents should not have to do.

I am all for having a good time and celebrating the Fourth of July in a big way, but the City of Jenks allows us the proper amount of time to do so and then it is time to shut it down.

Have fun, celebrate hard, but be respectful and do what is right. Trust me, it is possible to have fun and follow the rules. Let’s make that happen this year Jenks.

Kyle Salomon

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