Jenks elementary student honored as Outstanding AAA School Safety Patroller

Jenks elementary student honored as Outstanding AAA School Safety Patroller

Maya Lehwald, who recently completed fourth grade at Jenks East Elementary, was honored Thursday by AAA Oklahoma as the Outstanding AAA School Safety Patroller for the 2019-2020 school year.

Maya was recognized in a socially distanced ceremony in front of her home and she received a Visa gift card and a commemorative plaque. Representatives from AAA Oklahoma and staff members from Jenks East Elementary will gathered at Maya’s home for a surprise celebration.

Maya said she was surprised and honored to receive the award.

“It feels really nice, but I believe so many kids at the school could have won this award as well,” Maya said. “When I saw I made it on to the Safety Patrol, I was so excited, but I wish the school year had gone a lot longer.”

As a School Safety Patroller, Maya helped students attending after-school programs to keep control and maintain expectations for safety. She treated other students with respect and showed her peers how to demonstrate leadership and the characteristics of a stand-up citizen.

AAA Oklahoma officials and Maya’s fourth-grade teachers came together to issue the following statement on Maya and her accomplishments.

“She possesses excellent leadership skills, with teachers describing her as mature beyond her age. When Maya heard there would be an opportunity to be a School Safety Patroller, she took detailed notes on requirements and expectations – even inspiring other students to so as the advisor shared. Her attributes make her a leader in every sense of the word. She comes to school with a positive and enthusiastic attitude, ready to accept the day’s challenges and has fun doing it. She strives to not only be better herself, but helps other students see their true potential. Maya helped students attending after-school care with the ability to keep control and maintain expectations for safety. Even during difficulties with many kids in one area, Maya remained calm and collected. Through it all, Maya was I control of the situation and confident in her leadership abilities. Maya leads with support and encouragement and has a wonderful way of being strict and on-task with an air of kindness and fairness. Maya treats other students with respect, leads by example and demonstrates the true definition of being a stand-up citizen. Even during distance learning, Maya has continued to display leadership in weekly video meetings. It is an honor to recognize Maya’s diligence and professionalism with the School Safety Patroller of the Year Award.”

For nearly 100 years, AAA Oklahoma has sponsored and provided major support for the AAA School Safety Patrol by supplying training materials, recognition programs for service, and patrol equipment, including the familiar badge and belt.

Over 1,750 patrollers currently participate in the AAA School Safety Patrol program in 80 Oklahoma elementary schools. It is the largest school-based safety program in the world with more than 679,000 Patrollers in 35,000 schools across North America and 30 countries. The School Safety Patrol provides a safe environment for child pedestrians and offers a wide spectrum of educational opportunities for children.

Kyle Salomon

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