Jenks developing plan to bring sports back following OSSAA’s vote

Jenks developing plan to bring sports back following OSSAA’s vote

Last Friday, the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association voted against the phased-in approach to opening athletics.

The OSSAA board of directors’ vote was 7-6 against a proposed plan that would have eased schools into athletic activities.

The vote opens the door for schools to begin hosting athletic camps and practices immediately.

Jenks Public Schools’ Director of Athletics Tony Dillingham said he, his staff and the Jenks Public Schools’ administration are working hard to put a plan together that will put the safety of the athletes, coaches and everyone involved as the top priority.

“We have to make sure that are kids are safe and we have to do everything we can to maintain that,” Dillingham said. “We will try to get back to some sort of normalcy as best we can and try and put ourselves in the position where we are able to come back in August and have regular academic instruction in the classroom and are able to start our fall sports.”

Dillingham added that having the proper equipment will be vital for all Jenks athletics.

“We are all working to make sure we have the things in place that we need to provide a safe environment for our kids and our coaches,” Dillingham said. “We will continue to look at the CDC guidelines and make sure we meet every requirement before moving on to the next step and if we don’t, we stop.”

The Jenks athletic director said they are working on a plan and a time frame for that plan and said he is fortunate to have the administration and staff Jenks employs in this process.

“Certainly, for us in a district of our size, I am certainly blessed to work with great administrators above me and to work with a great staff,” Dillingham said. “With what we have in place with our administrative leadership team, pandemic recovery task force, our emergency response team, they are all looking at plans to ensure safety and doing what is in the best interest of the kids.”

Dillingham said every district across the state is working to put plans together following the OSSAA’s vote.

“From district to district for everyone, it is determining whether we have the materials we need to make sure it is safe,” Dillingham said. “We have to finalize the plans and get them out to our coaches. The plan has to run through the administrative channels to make sure we are all comfortable with what are wanting to do.”

Dillingham said there could be a finalized plan by the end of the week for how Jenks athletics will re-open.

If the state’s regulations call for stricter policies, they will supersede the OSSAA’s Friday vote.

Kyle Salomon

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