Jenks 2020 graduate Maleah Crawford selected to TU cheer team

Jenks 2020 graduate Maleah Crawford selected to TU cheer team

Jenks High School 2020 graduate Maleah Crawford is getting the opportunity to continue doing what she loves at the collegiate level.

Maleah was selected to the University of Tulsa cheer squad last Friday after a stellar career with the Jenks High School cheer program.

“When I found out, I was so excited, especially to have the chance to be on a football field and a basketball court for another four years,” Maleah said. “That is my favorite part of cheerleading is leading the crowd and getting involved in the community.”

Maleah spent her sophomore through senior years at Jenks High School after transferring from Bixby. She said there is nothing like the Jenks cheer team.

“It is such a tight-knit group of girls,” Maleah said. “They are all so supportive and encouraging. I have never been on a team like the one we had this year. I think the spirit we had on this year’s team is definitely what pushed us to win state.”

The Jenks High School cheer squad won the 6A state championship last fall. Maleah it was an amazing experience.

“I don’t know that I expected us to win state at the beginning of the season,” Maleah said. “Then, as we started to get our routine, I saw how much effort everyone was bringing every day. It was a great way to go out as a senior.”

Maleah started cheerleading when she was in seventh grade, and immediately enjoyed the relationships she was able to form because of it. She said she had to go three weeks without tumbling because of the COVID-19 lockdown but was able to work herself back into shape in time before the University of Tulsa cheer tryouts.

“The tryouts were supposed to take place the weekend of April 18 and 19, but we had to do a video audition because of the virus,” Maleah said. “We had to introduce ourselves and say why we wanted to be a Tulsa cheerleader and why it was important to us. Then, we did a few jumps, kicks and splits and then did a cheer, so I did the J-E-N-K-S cheer. We finished by doing some standing tumbling and running tumbling.”

All those trying out to be on the TU cheer team had to submit her audition video to Tulsa by May 8.

Maleah said she has always placed a big value on academics and that played a role in her choosing to attend the University of Tulsa and she plans on majoring in psychology with a pre-med track and minor in Spanish and biomedical engineering.

“I am excited to make new friends and continue being a role model through cheerleading and pushing myself in every way possible,” Maleah said. “When I think back on my time with the Jenks cheer team, I am going to remember the practices and forming memories. We had a lot of fun moments and formed a lot of lasting relationships.”

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