‘Opening Jenks’ Phase 2 begins Friday

‘Opening Jenks’ Phase 2 begins Friday

Two weeks following the initial phase of “Opening Jenks” began, Phase 2 is set to commence Friday.

Ordinance No. 1517 repealing Ordinance Nos. 1510, 1511 and 1513 to lift restrictions in Jenks imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic passed unanimously at the April 27 special City Council meeting.

Phase 1 went into effect May 1.

“Opening Jenks” follows state guidance and includes local specific guidance.

Phase 2 is a continuation of Phase 1. A larger number of people can gather. All businesses are allowed to open, including bars.

The Oklahoma Aquarium open its doors a little wider. There are no forced paths in the facility in Phase 2 and people can purchase tickets on site and not just online.

In Phase 1, the skate park at Veteran’s Park and Bark West were open, but now in Phase 2, playground equipment will also be open. However, park restrooms will remain closed.

City leadership and City Council still recommend adhering to social distancing guidelines, avoiding gathering in groups of 50 or more (in Phase Two) and limiting contact with others as much as possible.

“Local hospital availability has held steady through phase one, so we’re cautiously optimistic about the second phase of reopening for now,” Jenks Mayor Robert Lee said. “We’re still encouraging people to limit their public activities, keep their distance, and wear masks. We’re still seeing new daily infections, so do whatever you can to avoid being one of those people we’re counting.”

Kyle Salomon

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