Tulsa ER & Hospital forgives $2.1 million of patient medical debt

Tulsa ER & Hospital forgives $2.1 million of patient medical debt

Tulsa ER & Hospital, located in the Tulsa Hills area, is announcing that it will forgive $2.1 Million dollars of current outstanding medical debt for patients who received service at the physician-owned hospital from December 2019 until April 1, 2020. 

Dr. Mark Blubaugh, Medical Director for Tulsa ER & Hospital, explains, “In the midst of the pandemic, many individuals are struggling financially. This is our way of helping our community and the people that have supported our facility.”

There is no application or petition process required for previous patients to qualify for the debt forgiveness, and it will be applied automatically.

Tulsa ER & Hospital has initiated a Dual Care program to help alleviate concerns about COVID-19 by creating a separate entrance, lobby, and treatment area for COVID-19 patients.  The debt forgiveness program allows Tulsa ER & Hospital to alleviate patients’ concerns on the financial side as well.

“Fewer people have been going to the emergency room to seek treatment, in part due to concerns about COVID-19, but also because of financial hardship.  Many patients are delaying medical care right now, and as emergency providers on the front line, we see the unintended consequences every day.  It’s heartbreaking to see so some patients delay emergency care for issues that should be addressed quickly.  We have had patients with strokes, heart attacks, and abdominal pain present long after the window of opportunity for optimal treatment,” states Dr. Blubaugh.

Patients should not delay their emergencies out of financial concerns. Most commercial insurances have generously agreed to cover patients’ out pocket expenses for COVID-19 related treatment and testing at this time.  In situations where a payor does not cover these expenses, Tulsa ER & Hospital will be waiving patients out of pocket expense during the COVID-19 emergency period. 

For emergencies unrelated to COVID-19, Tulsa ER & Hospital offers payment plans and flexible options.  Tulsa ER & Hospital proudly offers patients and employers straightforward cash pricing options that are available on our webpage.  Patients can call or text Tulsa ER & Hospital at 918-517-6300 24 hours a day, seven days a week should they have any questions or concerns.


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