Jake Mulready adds Mr. JHS to long list of accomplishments at Jenks

Jake Mulready adds Mr. JHS to long list of accomplishments at Jenks

Jake Mulready’s life has been intertwined with Jenks Public Schools since he was a child.

The Jenks High School senior has attended Jenks Public Schools his entire life. His time in the school district has included being a part of sports teams, academic clubs, and leadership organizations.

Last Thursday, Jake’s time at Jenks was capped with being selected as the 2020 Mr. JHS.

“It was a funny experience finding out,” Jake said. “We invited a lot of family and several friends over to watch and we realized that it wasn’t Facebook live, it was just a video, so we could fast-forward if we wanted. We decided to watch the whole thing instead, but I had some friends who did fast-forward, and they all started texting me and saying that I had won and were congratulating me. It is all part of the experience. It was still pretty cool to see all of it.”

Jake is what many refer to as a “Jenks lifer” referencing a student who has attended Jenks Public Schools from Kindergarten through 12th-grade. He got his start in JPS at West Elementary.

“Going to Jenks my whole life is pretty cool,” Jake said. “You are around the same kids from K-12th-grade and you get to see those kids grow up with you. I have had my best friend since third grade, and I am still good friends with kids from all the way back in Kindergarten.”

Jake talked about how much his teachers influenced him through his time at Jenks.

“I remember all my teachers,” Jake said. “They are all so supportive. The Jenks community is unreal. The amount of support is incredible. I remember growing up in the Jenks system and going to football games when I was younger and thinking they were all celebrities.”

Jake had the chance to live that “celebrity” life, as he was a member of the Jenks High School football program all four years he was in high school.

Even though Jake said he loved his time wearing the maroon and white every Friday night in the fall, he was involved in much more than the pigskin.

Jake was a member of the track and field program, is the Philanthropy Chair for Student Council, Secretary for the Chinese Club, a member of the National Honors Society, Sports Representative for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and was on the Leadership Team for Young Life.

Two years ago, Jake’s older brother Sam Mulready was named Mr. JHS in 2018 as a senior. Jake gave the introduction speech that night in honor of his older sibling. Two years later, Sam returned the favor and delivered Jake’s introduction Thursday during the program.

“It was super cool watching my older brother give the introduction,” Jake said. “All of his words were so nice and meant so much to me.”

Jake is planning on attending Oklahoma State University in the fall and major in physics.

Kyle Salomon

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