Jenks Tribune cutting staff due to COVID-19 impact

Jenks Tribune cutting staff due to COVID-19 impact

Jenks Tribune Director of Media Hayden Tucker will no longer be on staff following May 8.

The Jenks Tribune is an advertising-based income business, and with advertising revenues down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tribune is cutting expenses to the bare minimum.

Those expense cuts include salary money, which is the reason Tucker is moving on from the Tribune.

“This is one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make,” said Kyle Salomon, Owner and Publisher of the Jenks Tribune. “Hayden (Tucker) took a chance and came to Jenks with me to start our own newspaper. I could not have done this without him.”

Tucker moved to the Jenks area in June of 2019 from the Oklahoma City Metro to help launch the Jenks Tribune.

During his time with the Tribune, Tucker’s responsibilities included covering news and sporting events, design of the newspaper, taking photos, record and edit video and manage the website and social media accounts.

The Jenks Tribune will continue to operate as is for the time being with weekly e-editions and daily content posts on the website, and social media pages to make sure people are informed on what is happening with the Jenks community pertaining to the COVID-19 situation and more.

“This is a tough time for everyone,” Salomon said. “Our mission is to keep working hard to keep our community informed. Hayden did an incredible job for this company and I know he has a fantastic future ahead of him.”

The Jenks Tribune will release more information this summer on its future beyond the Coronavirus epidemic.


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