BREAKING: Jenks extends ‘Shelter In Place’ order to May 8

BREAKING: Jenks extends ‘Shelter In Place’ order to May 8

The City of Jenks extended its “Shelter In Place” order through May 8 Tuesday at the special City Council meeting by a vote of 7-0.

The original order was issued through April 16, which is Thursday.

The ordinance states that people are not allowed to leave their homes unless they are leaving to go get food, go to the pharmacy, going to exercise outside and to go to essential jobs.

Also, discussed, voted on and passed (6-1) was an ordinance that regulates food trucks in the City of Jenks.

From this point forward, for a food truck to be allowed in Jenks, they must be required to register with the City of Jenks, pay $5 per day they are in town, proof insurance and permission to park where they want to locate.

The City Council also recommends social distancing guidelines be observed for people going to food trucks in city limits.

Kyle Salomon

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