Jenks Police seek to be less-intimidating with masks

Jenks Police seek to be less-intimidating with masks

As COVID-19 runs rampant across the Tulsa area, Jenks first responders will now wear masks while in public but hope to do so in a less intimidating way.

Jenks Police Chief Cameron Arthur said his officers will have specially designed masks to help make it less frightening for children in the community.

“We wanted to make this as fun as possible,” Arthur said. “We also want parents to use this as an educational tool to explain to their children why these police officers have masks on when they are out in the public. We are trying to use ones that are positive and happy. Our hope is children can relate our masks to cartoons and things like that. We don’t want this to be a scary time for these children when they see us.”

Jenks Police Corporal Sean Scott and his family made the “fun” masks for the Jenks Police officers. Jenks Fire Chief Greg Ostrum and his wife made hundreds of masks for people this past weekend and all the Jenks Firemen will have masks on as well when in public.

“If we are going to get involved, we want it to be fun,” Arthur said. “If we are able to make a serious conversation a little easier for children, it is more than worth it. It’s a serious deal, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it as fun as possible.”

The Jenks Police Chief urged people to take the CDC guidelines seriously.

“We need people to take this seriously,” Arthur said. “The CDC recommends wearing masks in the community and we are encouraging everyone to follow the CDC guidelines. We want Jenks to be a leader in this time. All City of Jenks employees will be following these guidelines. This is a great opportunity for people to help each other out. If anyone has any extra masks, I encourage them to share them with others.”

The Jenks Police Department is asking its citizens to post photos of themselves on the Jenks Police Department Facebook page or tag the Jenks Police Department while wearing fun-designed masks they have created to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Jenks Police Officers are wearing safe, but fun masks to be less intimidating to children in the community. Photo/Hayden Tucker

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