Jenks Public Schools to unveil Distance Learning Plan Wednesday

Jenks Public Schools to unveil Distance Learning Plan Wednesday

Last week, the Oklahoma State Board of Education voted to keep school buildings closed for the remainder of the academic year and shift to a distance learning format.

The board stated that each school district would be responsible for formulating its plan to perform distance learning for its students and faculty.

Wednesday, Jenks Public Schools will announce its Distance Learning Plan at noon in a special School Board Meeting.

The meeting will be conducted via videoconferencing.

Those present at remote locations will be:

-School Board President, Chuck Forbes

-School Board Vice President, Tracy Kennedy

-School Board Member, Terry Keeling

-School Board Member, Melissa Abdo

-School Board Member, Ron Barber

-Superintendent, Dr. Stacey Butterfield

-Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Lisa Muller

-Chief Financial Officer, Cody Way

-Chief Human Resource Officer, Dana Ezell

-Executive Director of Construction and Community Services, Jeffrey Beyer

-Clerk of the Board, Kim Bourke

Also, taking place at the special meeting Wednesday will be a presentation and discussion of the School Emergency Response Team’s response to COVID-19 and discussion of budget and financial implications resulting from the slowing economy. All who wish to watch the special School Board meeting may do so at

Kyle Salomon

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