State House of Representatives delivers weekend COVID-19 update

State House of Representatives delivers weekend COVID-19 update


  • The mayors of Oklahoma City and Tulsa simultaneously issued “Shelter In Place” orders Saturday that are in effect in their cities ‪until April 16. The orders require citizens to stay home except for essential activities like going to work and obtaining groceries and medicine.
  • The orders apply to all citizens in those communities, not just at-risk populations. As the state’s population centers, Oklahoma City and Tulsa have the state’s most COVID-19 cases.
  • Oklahoma City details:
  • Tulsa details:


  • Governments, nonprofits and businesses statewide are stepping up to help. Here are ways to chip in if you can.
  • Make personal protective equipment donations for Oklahoma at
  • Share local resources with your networks from
  • Find out how to receive business assistance at
  • Protect the public by reporting scams and price gouging by emailing and
  • If you’ve already contributed to Oklahoma’s effort, considering contributing to the national effort through FEMA at


  • Expect confirmed cases, hospitalizations and deaths to continue rising. Officials have indicated Oklahoma’s peak will occur in April or May.
  • The state epidemiologist and modeling experts from OU and OSU are close to producing a model predicting when Oklahoma’s COVID-19 surge will occur. This model will be used to marshal resources to meet the expected peak demand for services.


  • The Legislature will act far sooner than usual on the state budget to do our part to maintain services during this challenge. Budget talks have been accelerated and an agreement is expected soon.
  • Our goal is to quickly stabilize the current year’s state budget and put a realistic budget in place for next year.
  • This year’s expected revenue failure can be filled with reserve funds to maintain funding levels, while next year’s budget will be smaller but sufficient to maintain service levels.
  • In addition to revenue loss caused by COVID-19’s economic toll, Oklahoma’s budget is also losing revenue due to major slowdowns in the oil and gas sector, which remains a primary driver of state revenue. Saudi Arabia and Russia are in an oil price war that is harming the worldwide energy industry, including Oklahoma’s.
  • Active RIGS in Oklahoma are down to 39, compared to 108 a year ago. West Texas Intermediate OIL at Cushing was at $19.48 a barrel this week, compared to $60.19 a barrel a year ago.


  •  The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has updated its critical infrastructure list, which Oklahoma is using to define essential businesses for the purpose of complying with Governor Stitt’s executive order closing nonessential businesses in counties with confirmed cases ‪until April 16. The updated federal list can be found at
  • Additional information on essential businesses, including several exemptions granted by Governor Stitt, can be found at


  • Governor Stitt has temporarily halted out-of-state travel by state officials and loosed peace officers certification requirements to meet current and future manpower needs.
  • Details are available in the governor’s fifth amendment to his emergency declaration executive order at


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