BREAKING: City of Jenks limits restaurants, bars, gyms to 10 patrons

BREAKING: City of Jenks limits restaurants, bars, gyms to 10 patrons

Jenks restaurants, bars, gyms and other public entertainment venues are officially not allowed to have more than 10 patrons in their respective businesses at once.

The Jenks City Council held a special meeting Thursday and approved Ordinance No. 1510. The ordinance states that certain commercial businesses cannot have more than 10 patrons at any one time and imposes spacing requirements in order to prevent spread of contagious disease pursuant to civil emergency authority.

The vote was approved 6-1.

“We are following guidelines from the Tulsa Health Department, Center for Disease Control and people at all levels of government who are encouraging we limit community spread any way we can,” Jenks Mayor Robert Lee said. “It is intensely painful making these types of decisions, but the situation will only get worse if we don’t.”

The ordinance also states that the Mayor will have the authority to take action further limiting or closing such businesses if the Coronavirus spread continues to worsen in Tulsa County.

 “One of the realities of flattening the curve with this is taking measures like we have,” Lee said. “The virus will move through our community for a longer period of time if we don’t take these measures.”

This action follows the State of Emergency Declaration by the City of Jenks on Monday.

“We are very grateful to all Jenks businesses that have voluntarily put these measures into place,” Lee said. “They are all sacrificing for the good of the community. I do understand why businesses would be resistant to this. We must all pull together to prevent a worst-case scenario.

“We need to all be prepared as soon as we can to support our local economy. Many restaurants are offering curbside, take-out delivery, which are great options for people. We are expecting to see a large-scale recovery effort at all levels of government. We are working diligently to ensure that happens.”

Lee also stated that it is highly likely the City of Jenks will soon issue the order to those specific commercial businesses they are to close and not allow any patrons inside their businesses.

For restaurants, they will still have the opportunity to utilize take-out orders and/or curbside service.

Kyle Salomon

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