Door tags will be final warning prior to cut-off for Jenks water bills

Door  tags will  be  final warning  prior  to  cut-off for Jenks water bills

At the March 3 Jenks City Council meeting, the council approved a change to the Ordinance No. 1507. Ordinance No. 1507 discusses water bills and cut-offs from the City of Jenks to the customer.

The City of Jenks uses the United States Postal Service to mail its water bills to its customers in 30-day increments starting at day 60. City of Jenks water/sewage customers receive invoices 60 days prior to cut-off and 30 days prior to cut-off. The change to the ordinance states that the City of Jenks will put door tags on doors 24 hours prior to cutting off water as a last chance notification to pay the bill.

If the bill is not paid or arranged to be paid in the 24-hour time frame from the door tags being placed, the water/sewage will be shut off at that location. The City of Jenks compares favorably with surrounding communities when it comes to water/sewer service days before cut-off and costs.

The City of Jenks allows 80 days of unpaid water/sewage service prior to cut-off. Glenpool allows 55 days, Owasso allows 55 days, Broken Arrow allows 45 days, Sand Springs allows 45 days and Bixby allows 45 days.

The average monthly water/sewage bill for City of Jenks residents is $95.89. Broken Arrow’s average is $118.65, Glenpool’s average is $127.27, Owasso’s average is $128.52, Bixby’s average is $140.03, Sand Spring’s average is $151.11, Tulsa’s average is $139.41, Bartlesville’s average is $121.24, and Sapulpa’s average is $114.99.

Kyle Salomon

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