Jenks Tribune launches new vision

Jenks Tribune launches new vision

We are 28 weeks into the Jenks Tribune, and we are set to launch a new vision starting in March.

The Jenks Tribune Media Network will provide our audience a chance to receive information in different ways both in print form and digitally.

Transition and being adaptable is vital to success in any industry, but especially in the media industry. That is what we are doing here at the Jenks Tribune.

We started out mailing to every mailbox in Jenks and after 14 weeks, we made the transition to a free subscription model. The transition has gone well for us, as it has allowed our readers to receive the Jenks Tribune the way they prefer it, and the response has been positive from our audience.

This next transition is a little more drastic, but it is a positive one.

Starting in March, we are shifting to a monthly print product with a weekly digital edition on the website, weekly videos, weekly podcasts with daily website and social media posts.


Our monthly print product will run the first Friday of every month. The print product will be just the print products now with hyperlocal news and sports information. There will be a good mixture of stories and photos. The monthly print product will have more human-interest feature stories with more photo galleries. The majority of the content in the monthly print product will not be time sensitive.


The weekly digital edition will be just like our e-edition we have right now that runs every Friday. The weekly digital edition will be released at 7 a.m. every Friday on our website. We will gather email addresses from all of our subscribers and send out an email blast with a link to the digital edition on the website. The type of content on the weekly digital edition will be different than the monthly print product. The digital edition will have more hard news type of content, but it will still be hyperlocal. There will be a good mixture of stories, but the majority of the content will be stories. There will not be as many photos in the digital edition as the monthly print product. The digital editions will also not be as big in terms of number of pages.


The weekly videos will be similar in content to the monthly print product with the content being human-interest feature type stories that provide a lot of good visual potential. There won’t be an exact day the video each week will be released and there will be some weeks where multiple videos will be produced depending on the amount of news that needs to get out in a time sensitive way.


The weekly podcasts will be similar in content to the weekly digital editions. The podcasts will contain more hard news stories about the happenings in the Jenks community. There will be some features done, but the majority of the podcast content will be of the hard news quality. Like the videos, the podcasts will not have a specific day they will be released and there might be weeks where their will be multiple podcasts in one week.


The transition from a weekly print format to a monthly print format will allow us to put more focus on our website and social media accounts. We will be able to put daily stories on the website and link to them to our social media accounts. Most of those stories will be breaking hard news stories that we need to get out to the public immediately. We will also post more on a daily basis on our social media accounts. We will post photos, videos and other visual-appealing content on our social media and reach our audience in a different and more innovative way.

The goal with this transition is simply to be innovative in how we deliver information to our audience, the Jenks community. Our No. 1 priority has always been to deliver information to the Jenks community and doing that in different ways is a way to stay ahead of the game.

The Jenks Tribune Media Network is here to set the standard, not follow one.

If you have any questions or concerns about our transition, please contact Kyle Salomon at or 918-231-0787.

Kyle Salomon

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