Simon CEO, Yalof, speaks at Tulsa Premium Outlets construction kick-off event

Simon CEO, Yalof, speaks at Tulsa Premium Outlets construction kick-off event

Tulsa Premium Outlets will officially open in spring of 2021, but construction on the 340,000 square-foot shopping center was kicked off Thursday.

The Simon Premium Outlets’ facility will be the 69th outlet mall built by Simon in the United States and the 91st globally. It will be located just south of the Creek Turnpike, just west of the Arkansas River.

According to Simon Premium Outlets Chief Executive Officer Stephen Yalof, the type of stores that will reside Tulsa Premium Outlets include fashion, accessories, footwear, athletic and fitness apparel, home décor, electronics, quick service dining options and more.

In an exclusive sit down with the Jenks Tribune Thursday prior to the construction kick-off event, Yalof talked about why Simon Premium Outlets chose Jenks for its newest shopping center and other topics.

“We knew we wanted to be in the Tulsa market,” Yalof said. “The demographics in the Tulsa market are terrific. When we build new shopping centers, we look for several things. One of which is a great destination city, and a large permanent population base. Our draw for our super-regional format is 45-50 miles and if you look at the population in a 45-mile ring from this location, there is more than a one million people with substantial household incomes. The City of Jenks jumped in and said they had a location, which is good, but needs to be marketable. When you have a town like Jenks that is very business focused, it made this property very feasible. It was like something we hadn’t seen before from a city partnership.”

The Jenks City Council and Simon Executives stand after the construction kick off event Thursday morning. Photos/Kyle Salomon

Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa is also under the ownership of Simon Premium Outlets, but Yalof said the two malls will be different.

“What’s different from a traditional department-store anchored mall and a premium outlet center is, we are open air,” Yalof said. “We have a different format in our shopping cadence and our amenities. Most importantly, we offer national brands on sale every day, so when traditional retailors are selling full price, we are an off-price channel, that allows the customer the benefit of discounts every day.”

Yalof talked about how Tulsa Premium Outlets will be comparable to the latest two outlet malls Simon Premium Outlets has built.

“The last two shopping centers that we built in Norfolk, Virginia and Denver, Colorado are comparable,” Yalof said. “In both instances, the location was just outside of the central business district. We have the ability to pull from the city itself, but we are situated in a community like Jenks that really embraces commerce and embraces the format of shopping that we are going to bring to the table here in Jenks.”

The road system going in-and-out of the new outlet mall has been a topic of discussion throughout the community since the announcement was made the shopping center was coming. Yalof said he is pleased with the road system surround the location.

“To us, visibility from a major highway is always paramount, but accessibility is just as important, if not, more important,” Yalof said. “We like to make sure we are at an interchange, so people can access us easily. We understand who our customer is and we understand the dynamics of our customer that doesn’t necessarily have a lot of time to spend shopping, so if we can get them in their cars, off the highway, into the site, parked, that is more time we can get them to shopping in the shopping center and that is critical to us.

“The City of Jenks actually was instrumental in helping create interchanges, road networks, access off the turnpike, so we are able to provide the amenities that create a great site for one of our shopping centers.”

Yalof added that working with the City of Jenks is crucial for success of the new shopping center and he believes the impact on the local community will be immeasurable.

“We will be able to provide more than 800 jobs for the local community once the shopping center opens in the spring of 2021,” he said. “Prior to that, more than 400 construction jobs will be provided. We will be able to bring tax revenue to the community. That is a huge part of what we do.

“Also, when we build a shopping center like this, other things build around us. Not only will there be tax revenue from the center itself and jobs created for the local community, but those other business who want to feed off that new job creation and traffic generated from the center will benefit as well.”

Stay up-to-date with the Jenks Tribune for more updates on the progress of Tulsa Premium Outlets as it prepares to open in nearly a year.

Kyle Salomon

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