Allan Trimble’s ‘Golden Years’ releases

Allan Trimble’s ‘Golden Years’ releases

For years, Allan Trimble and his good friends Don King and Eric Fox talked about getting together and doing a book about Trimble’s time with the Jenks football program.

That idea stayed just that, an idea, until 2016 when Trimble was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Following the diagnosis, Trimble told King and Fox it was time to get moving on the book, so they contacted Yorkshire Publishing.

“Yorkshire Publishing came to us and encouraged us for a way we could get this done,” Trimble’s wife Courtney said. “They put a great team together, did a great job laying the book out and always asking Allan’s opinion on everything. He would tell them what he liked and what he would like to have added as far as devotionals. He felt those were important for the reader for the spiritual inspiration.”

Wednesday, that idea became a reality with the official release of “Golden Years”, a coffee table-style book that highlights the life and legacy of coach Allan Trimble. The book covers more than two decades of Jenks football history with photos, statistics and inspirational messages. It also includes every roster for each team Trimble coached at Jenks.

Yorkshire Publishing President Roger Chasteen had this to say last fall when it was announced the book was getting done in a news release sent out by Yorkshire Publshing.

“We want to honor the legacy of Coach Trimble, as well as share the stories of the Jenks football program, and the incredible athletes that got their start here in Oklahoma.”

Trimble will not get the chance to see the book in its finished product. The former Jenks coach passed away Dec. 1 after a three-plus year battle with ALS. However, he did get to read the pages before they were put into a book format.

“If you knew Allan, he had looks that you could just read,” Courtney said. “Allan got to see the book, not in printed-out form, but I remember him turning and looking at me and he said, ‘this is going to be good’.”

Courtney Trimble speaks to the audience at the release of her late husband’s book, ‘Golden Years.’ Trimble asked that former players under her husband stand with her as she spoke. Photos/Kyle Salomon

Trimble had this to say about the book in the fall in a news release sent out by Yorkshire Publishing.

“I am greatly humbled and excited to share a very unique and personal view of my football coaching journey at Jenks High School,” Trimble said. “This book takes you through my 22 seasons and is chock-full of statistics, great photography, and detailed history of each season guaranteed to bring excitement and fond memories. But what excites me the most is all the life lessons and experiences we have included that will give readers insight and perspective of life inside our championship football program.”

Trimble was the head football coach at Jenks High School from 1996 through 2017. He led the Trojans to 13 6A and 6A-1 state championships in that time frame. He is the most decorated high school football coach in Oklahoma history.

The event took place in the Robert L. Sharp Fitness Center on the north end of Allan Trimble Stadium. Courtney, King, Fox and former players and coaches spoke about their experience with their beloved coach.

King, a long-time Jenks football play-by-play radio announcer, was instrumental in the book getting done.

“This was the absolute neatest thing I have ever been a part of and I am very thankful to Roger (Chasteen), Samantha (Ryan with Yorkshire Publishing) and Courtney for allowing me to be a part of this process,” King said at the Wednesday news conference announcing the book. “Allan would be extremely proud of this book. It goes year-by-year, chapter-by-chapter and it’s not just about Jenks football. If you are a Jenks football fan, it will be hard to put down. If you are a football fan, you are going to enjoy reliving all the great memories of the Jenks-Union games and other great games. It is more than that, it is about leadership. The book is not just about him, but it is about his players and his assistant coaches. I highly recommend anyone in a leadership position or knows someone in a leadership position, to read this book.”

Longtime play-by-play commentator of Jenks football Don King speaks at the book release Wednesday. King played a role in writing the book.

Fox, an assistant coach under Trimble for numerous years in Trimble’s early years at Jenks and current assistant principal at Jenks High School was also extremely helpful in the process.

“What a blessing it was for me to be able to be a part of this project,” Fox said at the Wednesday news conference announcing the book. “Allan had a story that he wanted to get out and he always worked with a sense of urgency. One of the things that always amazed me was no matter how the doctor’s visit went or what the diagnosis was, he always had a sense of urgency and sense of purpose. I had the honor of working with him through his first few seasons. What amazed me as we went through this process, was Allan’s memories of every year. One of the biggest takeaways from this book is it’s a story of great relationships. It’s about great relationships with his players, his coaches who coached with him and great relationships between players. It’s a book about greatness.”

Former Trimble assistant and now associate principal at Jenks High School Eric Fox also helped in the writing of ‘Golden Years.’

Courtney said she is excited about the book being released.

“We have been working on this for a little while,” Courtney said. “Don King has so much information. He kept track of everything dating back to 1996, which is where the book starts. There have been a lot of great players that have played at Jenks. Don and Eric (Fox) met with the publisher quite a bit to figure out how to get all these guys in the book. Every time Don would bring up a stat, Allan would have a story to go along with it. It was kind of a way for us to go back through memory lane.”

Courtney said Trimble had a photographic memory.

“Allan could look at any picture and know exactly what was going on in that moment,” Courtney said. “That is probably the part I am going to miss the most.”

“Golden Years” will have two public selling dates. The first will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday and the second will be from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday. Both events will take place at the Sharp Fitness Center.

The price of the book is $50.

The book will also be available to order at and online through and

“The book reads like Allan is telling the story,” Courtney said. “It will be a good read for people. He impacted so many people. Allan would want people to enjoy the book and allow it to bring back good memories.”

Kyle Salomon

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