Jenks Public Schools’ bond issue passes with 83% of vote

Jenks Public Schools’ bond issue passes with 83% of vote

Voters in the Jenks Public School District approved two separate bond propositions on Tuesday totaling $12.4 million by a margin of 83 percent to 17 percent. Jenks’ voters have now approved 56 of the past 57 bond issues for Jenks Public Schools. 

“We simply could not provide an outstanding educational environment for our students if we did not have such overwhelming support from our community, remarked Dr. Stacey Butterfield, Superintendent of Jenks Public Schools. “We are so grateful to each and every person who took the time to vote today. These bond dollars will positively impact students at every grade level and help to keep our schools strong as we meet the needs of our growing enrollment.”

Bond dollars from the 2020 propositions will be used for the following purposes:

District-wide Equipment
Classroom furniture, white boards, projectors, science lab equipment, art equipment, etc.

District-wide Facilities Management Equipment/Repairs
Roof repair and replacement, HVAC repair and replacement, clocks/intercom repair, painting, carpeting, cabinetry, plumbing repairs/upgrades, sidewalk improvements, electrical repairs/upgrades, etc.

District-wide Printing Improvements
Upgrades and replacements for copiers, printers, scanners, etc.

District-wide Safety improvements
Security cameras, secure building entrances, school building safety vestibules, safety equipment, fire alarms, smoke detectors, radio systems, emergency generators, fire extinguishers, etc.

District-wide Technology
Computer hardware and software, servers, television monitors, wireless access points, infrastructure cabling and network, electronic devices, telecommunications equipment, etc.

District-wide Textbooks & Media Equipment
Students textbooks, library books, media center equipment and software, etc.

District-wide Transportation
Buses and other vehicles

Classroom/Instructional Space

Freshman Academy Classroom Renovation/Upgrades


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